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Dec 04 2009

InkTip: 3 months in, first Script download

My script has been up on InkTip since the beginning of September.  Today, for the first time, it was downloaded.  The logline has come up in someone’s search 94 times, 34 of those hits were from LA Feature Film Academy. Today someone at LA Feature Film Academy actually downloaded it.  Anyone know anything about them? …

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Oct 01 2009

My Script Got Rejected from a Production Company!

They didn’t just ignore me, they sent me a: Dear Ashley: Thanks, but this isn’t quite what we’re looking for.  Best of luck. Out By 6 Productions I’m so excited that they actually spent the time to reject me.  Woo!  That’s the classy people who ask for submissions through Inktip

Sep 23 2009

Inktip Update; Logline published in Newsletter

I just received an e-mail from Inktip that impressed me quite a bit, mostly because I’m always surprised that there are people making sure the website is running the way it should. Subject: Regarding ‘Bible Con’ Dear Ashley, Your script was chosen to be published in yesterday’s industry newsletter, along with six other loglines. This …

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Sep 22 2009

Writing Update; Inktip; Web Series

Two weeks into having my script up on Inktip, I finally got a synopsis view.  Of the 12 companies that have seen my logline, one chose to look at it.  I’m guessing those are fairly normal numbers.  Of course, I also get the feeling that every company that’s found my logline is either a horror …

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