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Sep 15 2009

Always Something

Last night I had a long production meeting about a webseries that I’ve been tapped to be the Post Supervisor/Lead Editor on.  Which is exciting, but we’re not sure when the production is actually going to get produced.  So, right now, there are 3 different web series that I’m theoretically on board for but that …

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Sep 14 2009

On Editing vs Writing

It’s sort of strange to be out here actively pursuing two different careers — writing and editing.  Writing is in some ways a much more natural outlet of mine, I don’t know that I could stop writing if someone told me I had to.  But, editing is a craft that I’ve been well trained in …

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Sep 09 2009

Sick, Job Worries

Ugh.  I partially hope it’s swine flu.  But not really.  I’m just woozy, it’s my main symptom. There are some cool things in the works career wise, including a web series that I may be able to edit/color correct the entire series and be paid.  I might even get to DP, which would be exciting, …

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