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Jun 05 2013

And Then, Square One

Kendell Geers, Master Mistress of My Passion VII, 2010, Jesomite and glass, Courtesy Gallery Rodolphe Janssen, Bruxelles.

This…is part weird announcement, part rant.  I wrote this piece a few months ago, the week I terminated therapy. I didn’t really expect to keep writing full posts about the experience of mental illness. And it’s true. I’ve been managing my eating well. I haven’t been panicky at the prospect of getting dressed in the …

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Apr 22 2013

Your ED Friend: Six Years Later

A photographer friend took this for me--a lasting reminder that I can be happy in this body.

[Obvious TW is really glaringly obvious.] “I had an eating disorder.” “I guessed.” We were juniors, boyfriend and girlfriend, officially. Up late and texting, doing that flirting thing where you demand each others deepest secrets and pretend you’re giving yours away. Except I did give mine away. “I had an eating disorder.” I was lying, of …

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Apr 03 2013


Femin-Its. Because my partner is the best.

Hi! I’ve been gone for spring break, but am (obviously) back now! And wielding these: I’m also taking this quarter off to work at an undisclosed location that involves babies(!), data analysis, (meh) and psychopathology(!!). While the schedule seems to work very well with blogging, I’m still settling in, and it’ll be a few days until I’m …

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Feb 21 2013

Kate’s Travels and Other People’s Writing

I’m traveling a great deal in the coming months. With respect to conferences, this is where I’ll be. Please comment if we’ll overlap! Skepticamp Chicago – Website Where: Fifth Province Pub at the Irish American Heritage Center Address: 4626 North Knox Avenue, Chicago, IL When: March 2nd, 11am-6pm I’ll be talking about Myths & Misinformation in Mental …

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Jan 07 2013

Your Domain Has Expired

I got an email today from WordPress. The domain upgrade at [blog name] has expired. I’ve been blogging for exactly one year as of today–the blog that has expired (though it’s been set to private for months) was my first, begun January 7th of last year. In exactly one year I’ve written there at Teen …

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Nov 22 2012

Thanks Giving

The history of Thanksgiving is not exactly a cheerful story of sharing and bounty. However, I am full of thanks, and I do appreciate the importance of sharing the things we cherish. I am grateful for my friends, the ones who will poke and prod a Tofurkey into our dinner tonight, who won’t mind if the …

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