Ashley is currently getting her PhD in Mass Communication from USC, with a focus on social media and film. She’s also active in the skeptic and atheist communities and gives occasional speeches on the subject. She graduated cum laude from Emory University before getting her MFA at FSU’s Film Conservatory. She is a writer and film editor; she’s worked in feature development, reality TV, short films, web series, and writing online news & opinion pieces.

Contact: ashleyfmiller AT gmail


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    Ashley, I added a link to your blog as well. Congrats on becoming a Nichol’s Fellowship semi-finalist. I had a good friend of mine who made it that far as well, and I know hard he worked to get there. Best of luck!

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    Ashley, I added a link to your blog as well. Congrats on becoming a Nicholl’s Fellowship semi-finalist. I had a good friend of mine who made it that far as well, and I know hard he worked to get there. Best of luck!

  3. 3

    Awesome set of posts you’ve written up so far. Keep up the great work Ashley, and here’s to you winning the Fellowship! :D

  4. 4

    Just wondering, did you have a chance to read
    the Nicholl script THE LOW DWELLER?
    The desc is full of prose. Is the popular with Nicholl’s scripts?
    Most of the top scripts I read(just a few), are very alive in their
    Just wondering , is this the norm?

  5. 5
    Ashley F. Miller

    I don’t know it, I haven’t read it. What’s the story? I’m not super familiar with the winners, though my own writing is very short on prose. But then, I only made semi-finals.

  6. 6

    You really sound like a whiner re: the Nicholl Fellowship debacle. And if you’re going to submit next year, I’d suggest taking Greg Beal’s letters to you off of the public site.

  7. 7
    Ashley F. Miller

    Greg Beal is an incredibly decent and honest man, I would never believe that he’d attempt to submarine my entry because of essentially public e-mails sent to all the semi-finalists. He wants the Nicholl to be an open process, not one of secrecy and questions.

    I’m sorry you think I’m whining, I’ve gotten a lot of positive response from people who were similarly upset by the whole thing. If you’re looking for a forum to be vaguely threatening and mean, please go elsewhere.

  8. 8

    Hi Ashley. I’m got an identical email that said they’d “heard great things about [my] script”, and just googled a key phrase (“bombarded with email”) to figure out whether they’d just slightly tweaked a mass-forwarded form letter… guess they did. Bummer.

    It is, as you said though, classy.

    Good luck.

  9. 9
    Ashley F. Miller

    Totally figured. That’s why I try to respond to these e-mails as fast as I can, because I truly doubt they somehow thought my script was the most interesting based on it’s title or my name. Good to know for sure though.

  10. 10
    Ohg Rea Tone


    Thank you for visiting with us. The Fireside Post is a better place because of you.

    I hope you don’t mind but I added your site to our Fireside Recommendations.

    Ohg Rea Tone

  11. 11
    Ashley F. Miller

    Of course I don’t mind. You just happened to hit on a subject I have a lot of personal experience with. There’s a reason people focus on the South like it’s a foreign country.

  12. 12

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  13. 13

    Thanks for putting together all the info on Parah Palin and Gabrielle Giffords ….all the tea party hate speak finally bubbled up …who is next really scary….I found your post looking for the same info…could of guessed a fellow filmmaker would put it together …great blog

  14. 14

    oppps I Mean Sarah Palin

  15. 15


    I’m glad I found your site and the info on Eddie whomever. I do have a reality series I am trying to get sold and would appreciate any help you could offer.

    Carlos Serna

  16. 16

    Wow! Your blog is super. Thank you for clarifying Ron Paul’s problems!

    I’m just starting out, but in terms of politics, atheism, feminism, filmmaking and writing, and world views we seem to share a great deal in common, and I do not find that very often where I live.

    I just started a blog critiquing OWS from a left-moderate view and you are the second one I am adding to my blog roll. I hope I can be as forthright and articulate as you! :) Looking forward to reading more of yours!

  17. 17
    Ohg Rea Tone

    Ashley – We visited online about two years past. Each of us was frustrated with a subject that we both “have a lot of experience with”. I have just had a novel published by a subsidiary of Amazon.com. I wrote the novel to challenge an ineffective addiction treatment community – which I believe to be mere narrative science. State sponsored narrative science in the criminal justice system serves only to increase our prison population.

    I wrote “Cisco, a Tale of Addiction, Justice, and Redemption” to challenge the narrative with narrative. The story uses a Coroner’s Inquest to debate treatment models. Four basic models are presented – and I suspect you and I would agree on the most effective.

    I would send you a copy for free, or you can check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-Tale-Addiction-Justice-Redemption/dp/1466313153/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1326401405&sr=1-1

    Thanks for your important work on social commentary.

    Gary L. Clark (Ohg Rea Tone)

  18. 18
    thomas lorne

    Thought you’d enjoy this. Well, maybe enjoy is the wrong word…


  1. 19
    Spelling? What Spelling? « My Other Career

    [...] someone who has a very good chance of making it as a professional writer, and that is Ashley F. Miller. Ashley was nice enough to link to my blog, and I’ve since done the same to hers. Ashley is [...]

  2. 20
    Good and Bad; They want to read my script, hopefully I won’t vomit! « Ashley F. Miller

    [...] 2.a. The Internet is Filled with Assholes. I am implementing a new policy on my site which is that if you say something off-topic and/or stupidly mean and confrontational, I’m just going to delete the comment. Trolls are mildly entertaining, but not worth the effort. And if you really want to post something I imagine you can make sure it’s within the bounds of civilized discourse. (Exceptions obviously made for things I think are really funny.)  But this means no more people saying that gays are gross and no more people leaving vaguely threatening comments on unrelated posts. [...]

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