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Apr 11 2013

So You Want To Talk About Multiple Personalities?

I’ve gotten a few requests over my blogging time to talk about multiple personality disorder. I’ve (half) jokingly told friends that this post would garner me a great deal of upset commenters but here it is.  Important Note: My opinions on the scientific validity of this disorder DO NOT reflect any belief that identified ‘multiples’ …

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Apr 10 2013

Moderating Comments, Normalization & Anonymity

I was on this panel at SkepTech! You can read my prepared thoughts here. Notes: -I improperly conflated psuedonymity with anonymity in the last third of the talk. Those are different things. I think pseudonymity (like Gravatar, Disqus, etc. offer) is one of the nice middle ground ways we can keep an eye on commenters …

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Apr 09 2013

Psychometrics: Using and Abusing

Look, SkepTech already has my favorite talk up! Stephanie talks about psychometry: the way we measure concepts in psychology. It’s the intersection of statistics and psych, and I dearly love it. I was particularly happy about her answers to questions about fMRI’s and [my question] what we should keep fixing in how we measure intelligence.

Apr 08 2013


Safe Space

…was spectacular. -There were many more panels than I’d seen at previous cons. I don’t usually love panels, but I’m very supportive of this system if it means introducing new voices. (Olivia James, one of the first-timers, got spontaneous applause on multiple occasions throughout the Real World Activism panel. Damn.) We talk a lot about this being a young movement, a movement …

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Apr 08 2013

Monday Miscellany

SkepTech was glorious! (Summary incoming this evening). The anonymity panel was just plain fun, Stephanie gave an amazing talk about psychometrics, and I was happy to be around such enthusiastic, brilliant people. Also, after one week of interning, I’ve mostly figured out how blogging fits in; expect one or more smallish posts each day during …

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Apr 04 2013

SkepTech: Anonymity on the Internet

Like Miri, I’m going to be at SkepTech…[checks calendar]…holy crap, tomorrow! And lucky me, I’m going to be on a panel about anonymity on the internet, moderated by the lovely Chana. This panel will explore the conflict between online anonymity and harassment. In a world where absolute freedom is practically possible, what shall be permitted? …

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Apr 03 2013


Femin-Its. Because my partner is the best.

Hi! I’ve been gone for spring break, but am (obviously) back now! And wielding these: I’m also taking this quarter off to work at an undisclosed location that involves babies(!), data analysis, (meh) and psychopathology(!!). While the schedule seems to work very well with blogging, I’m still settling in, and it’ll be a few days until I’m …

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