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Monday Miscellany

The pope is gone! Paul Fidalgo wants to replace him.

Oh, and I’ll put an immediate end to the church’s tolerance and enabling of sexual assault; its treatment of women as second-class; its adherence to Bronze Age notions of morality; its hoarding of wealth for no purpose but its own aggrandizement (except for me, of course); its persecution of homosexuals; its intentional miseducation of developing nations ravaged by ignorance, overpopulation, superstition, starvation, and illness; and its utter failure to promote the ascension of robot-human hybrids.

On the curse of the good girl, and how we socialize women to be malleable at their own expense:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for empathy, generosity, and kindness. But being a Good Girl isn’t about basic human decency.

It’s about inauthenticity and inequality. It’s about forcing girls and women into a mold of sweetness and light where they must repress their needs and bite their tongues in order to be perpetually “nice.”

Nico Lang would like you to stop being a jerk to your queer friends.

One queer/trans* perspective on having an eating disorder:
*Note: this is one perspective–not How It Works For Everyone(tm).

Being trans* was a significant complicating factor in my perceptions of my body—it’s just that I wasn’t aware that people could have a gender that was not “man” or “womyn” (predicated, of course, on being “male” and “female”-bodied, respectively) until I was in my early twenties. What I understood at the time as a simple desire to be very thin was actually more about purging what I saw as the “female” parts of myself.

Valentine’s Day is coming–so here’s a heartbreaking piece. A Valentine for My Gay Ex-Husband:

Libby Anne on the Abortion Wars–working as a clinic escort.

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