Musical Wednesdays: Still Alive from Portal on Ukulele

As Wednesday is the traditional day of the Karaoke, I celebrate with a musical selection just for you.


  1. Menyambal --- son of a son of a bachelor says

    I followed the word “ukulele” over here from Pharyngula. I am glad I did.

  2. miles says

    Very nice! Never quote got over the “singing and playing at the same time” hump – not that you’d want to hear my voice – and I’m always impressed by those who do… (or walk and chew bubble gum, or pat their head and rub their stomach, etc.)

    I saw what I’m pretty sure was this young lady at a Jonathan Coulton concert a few years ago – – he’d dragged her along after she’d gotten popular covering one of his songs on the ukelele (I think it was Still Alive, actually). She also did a very entertaining rendition of “Toxic”.

  3. dysomniak, darwinian socialist says

    I can now kinda-sorta fake my way through “Hallelujah”! I love playing the Ukulele almost as much as I love listening to you play it!


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