SC District 2: Vote for me

So, a couple of my friends have been saying they’re going to write me in against Joe Wilson, you officially have my invitation and permission to do so.

I promise to be awesome and, if I get enough votes that the media notices me, I will be even awesomer.  If I get elected, I promise first and foremost not to be Joe Wilson.

Thank you.


  1. jaketoadie says

    What assurances can you offer us to show that you are not now, nro will you ever become Joe Wilson?

  2. Ashley F. Miller says

    1. My mama raised me better’n to yell during the state of the union. Eyerolls, however, are above board.

    2. I am openly atheist.

    3. I have lady parts.

  3. jaketoadie says

    Well that’s good enough for me. I will convince any one I know in that district to vote for you.

  4. Blueaussi says

    Well, shoot, I’m SC District 6.

    I guess I should be happy I get to vote for a non-Republican in South Carolina who is actually going to win.

  5. says

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