Ellen on Bic pens for people with lady parts

I know the Bic jokes have been going around, but Ellen really nails it.


  1. trazan says

    Now women don’t have to get their pens from (SFW) http://penisland.net/ anymore. I guess BIC just tries to extend the idea of gendered razors to the pen world. What is the difference between razors for men and razors for women?

  2. Ysanne says

    Thanks for the laugh (also thx Giliell).
    And if anyone ever wanted to make a pen with some actual women-specific functionality, how about one with a short fill and extra space to carry an emergency-backup tampon in? Many girls my school used their fountain pen’s refill cartridge space for exactly this purpose.

  3. says

    Evidently there are a few women’s razors that have different handle ergonomics because of the different ways women use them. Other than that, though, mostly just color.

  4. says

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