Here’s a not depressing post: 1234 on the Ukulele

I can pretend the hits today are all to watch this and be happy and fun and not sad.

Sure it’s song about teen angst… but it’s an upbeat and bubbly song about teen angst!


  1. says

    I bought a uke and signed up for lessons but had to quit after only one class due to a broken ankle. (Figure THAT out!)
    I think the callouses (even though they’re far less than guitar) were interfering with my piano playing also.

    So I’ll stick to ocarina as a second instrument I guess. Anyone need a cheap uke?

  2. Ashley F. Miller says

    I am unsure why you would come here to tell me that other people are better than me and that my taste sucks. I mean, obviously that’s true, but it just seems kinda shitty. This is a not depressing post, not a be a dick post — go be a dick on other things!

  3. left0ver1under says

    Oh, crap.

    That was a boneheaded move on my part twice over, once for not reading carefully and once for offending you. I didn’t realize that you were one playing, and I wasn’t intending to “one up” you even. And I was not suggesting that your performance and song were bad.

    I apologize for insulting you, and I know the fact that it was not intentional does not excuse it. Can I unring the bell? Or at least, ask you to please remove my mistake? I posted without reading completely, but I am not a complete cretin.

  4. Ashley F. Miller says

    I suspected it was unintentional, I ain’t even mad. I was just like whoa, if that was intentional wtf

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