Ukulele Video Time! Adele

I have so much work to catch up so I’m just going to give you a ukulele video instead of real deep thoughtlike thoughts. I’m too loud for my microphone… to be fair, it’s for my Playstation 2. //ENDDORK


  1. says

    This is fantastic. And it’s nice to see somebody playing the ukulele without trying to be ironic. It’s a great instrument and often overlooked.

    Also, the strength you got at the chorus really took me by surprise. Thanks for posting.

  2. Ashley F. Miller says

    Thank you very much :)

    I do also play really nerdy stuff as well, I don’t know if that counts as ironic since I sincerely enjoy being nerdy.

  3. says

    I hope you get to post some more videos at one point of the nerdy stuff since this was really awesome. Plus I liked that it was a serious song you went with to start (at least here). I play mandolin, so I know it can be tough to translate a song like that to a tinny instrument. You do it well.

  4. Ashley F. Miller says

    If you look up at the top, there’s a tab that says “Ukulele Videos”, it has all of the uke vids I’ve done.

  5. Joe T says

    Wow, that was great. You’ve got some pipes. My skin actually tingled a bit at the end. Thank you! I think I’m gonna watch it again!

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