Lots of Twitter Visitors

Where are they coming from?  I obsess over the stats on this blog way too much.  Probably human nature.

In other news, I went to the best restaurant, Panda Inn in Pasadena.  Yum.

Go Into the Story’s Scott Myers answers a question I asked about how to turn a contest placement into an agent.


  1. says

    You’d be surprised the traffic Twitter can generate…it’s why so many people (individuals and businesses alike), enjoy using it. The reach is freak’n phenomenal sometimes.. 😆

  2. ashleyfmiller says

    True enough, I just didn’t know who’d posted anything about me on Twitter. I found out though it was the Unknown Screenwriter. I think he has spiders that search the web for blogs that post about screenwriting.

  3. says

    Yeah, that was what I figured. There’s a lot of bot accounts on Twitter that do nothing more than search for keywords to re-Tweet. As long as you get the extra traffic, it’s all good, right (many times these guys redirect your original links so that they get the traffic)?

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