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Project Runway 606; unimpressed

I mean seriously, this was a challenge that could have been so badass.  Only one person did anything interesting with it.  Epperson, or however the hell his name is, did this really cool Firefly inspired denim coat dress thing that was balls out.

Hell yeah

Hell yeah

Everything else was boring, uninspired, or just plain bad.  I’m sad pretty Ra’mon got kicked off, but his dress was hideous.

But the most interesting thing was the possibility of a Project Runway romance.  And it’s between a straight guy and a lady (what?!).  Yes, Carol Hannah (of SC!) and Logan are into each other.  Fascinating.

Carol Hannah is the Nicest

Carol Hannah is the Nicest

Also, I hate Nicolas.  He’s whiny, annoying, and boring.  Jeez, everyone is so boring.  Even Gordana whose accent makes me want to root for her.  Plus, I was totally wrong about who was going to win and lose, and I hate that.  Nic can’t be eliminated next week, which means at least two more episodes of his bullshit.  And Beautiful Blue Eyed Ra’mon is gone, and while he’s made some messes, he was at least interesting.

I feel like I don’t know you anymore PR.

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