RIP Jack Finlay; I am a horrible person

Jack Finlay, a talented actor local to Tallahassee and a big supporter of the FSU Film School passed away yesterday.  More specifically, he collapsed during the Film School’s auditions and was pronounced DOA when he got to the hospital.  That’s all the information I can find.

My first thought was oh God how horrible.  I know that he’s struggled with health issues, but I think he only just turned fifty.  This is his “About Me” on Facebook:

Been through a lot; maybe more than my share. Got through all the “old man” diseases before I turned 50. I plan to live forever … so far, so good….

My second thought was thank God I wasn’t running auditions this year because I would have freaked out.  I am a horrible person.  Can you imagine that happening while you were running casting?  What if you thought it was part of the scene?  *shudder*  If it was in fact in the middle of the audition, it’s definitely on tape somewhere.  Horrifying.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace


  1. Gareth Cales says

    I haven’t seen him in at least 5 years, but Jack was one of the coolest people I knew growing up. I learned Spanish at his house at the age of 11 and visited his dog Sadie daily when he was out of town 10 or 11 years ago…

    The sad thing was some neighbor let his dog out while he was gone, and we put up lost posters all over the neighborhood. We found Sadie chilling out in a yard about a block away — the house Jack used to live in, so it probably was natural for Sadie to go there — and so we had to take all the posters down anyway. We left a copy of the flier at his house for him and Lil to see when they got home.

    This is really sad. If you hear anything about a funeral date/time can you add it to your post?

  2. ashleyfmiller says

    I haven’t found his obit, and I’m out in LA, so I don’t know if I’ll hear anything about a funeral for him. But I will absolutely pass that info along if it gets to me.

  3. Courtney Cales says

    I was told that he was complaining of a really bad headache to one of his friends and sat down to rest for a few moments. He fell off his chair and was gone. My mom and Lil are still pretty close, so I’m sure that I’ll be able to find out any information about a funeral.

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