Today, I’ve been very productive in as much as I put this site together.  And I got a new office chair so that I’m no longer sitting on my fold up metal one at the computer at home.  Imagine editing for hours on a chair that makes your butt fall asleep in 15 minutes.  F finally made me go get a new one, and I feel that this was a good choice.

I have not, however, gotten any writing done, and there are at least three projects that I feel the need to be actively writing.  But I’m also just tired and feeling organizy rather than creative, so perhaps I’ll hold off for a while.  I’m reading Alison Weir’s Six Wives of Henry VIII and enjoying it immensely.

I also broke my wrist two years ago, and the past two weeks it’s been hurting whenever I use a mouse or type or write for very long.  So, that’s been a difficult work around.

Here’s broken me:

The Charles Cagle

The Charles Cagle

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