Answer to Ken Ham on Homeschooling and Creationists

The Nones will be discussing abuse of Homeschooling by Creationists like Ken Ham as the top speaker at The Texas Homeschool Coalition’s Convention Houston this August. He will be hawking AIG’s brand of Creationism to families that think that it is right to deny evolution. Yes Creationists do still exist in large numbers especially in Texas. Ham saw my blog about him, and went on his Facebook and encouraged people to bring their kids, so they can hear the “truth of God.” We will have Vic Wang of Humanists of Houston on to talk about what can be done about it. We also have Neeley, secular home schooler from Secular View, on joining us to talk about the stigma this creates for the majority of well meaning homeschoolers. Link to the live stream at 12:00 PM CSTon Youtube