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Success for Science Text books in Texas

Last month, I and many other testified before the Texas State Board of Education in an attempt to preserve good science standards that were set in 2011.  Several others testified in an attempt to undermine science by weakening lessons on cosmology, climate change, and evolution.

Ideally the Board of Education should all be educated and unbiased and should have weighed our testimony to respect the scientists and reject the whack-a-loons.  But this is Texas.  So instead they requested a list of changes, mostly ‘thinly-veiled criticisms’ of each of these branches of science.

In the past, Texas has had profound influence over publishers, because we were a huge buyer, and there would be serious costs involved if a publisher refused to accommodate the demands of the right wing ideologues in this state.  However times have changed.  In my speech at Apostacon that weekend, I said that technology has changed, such that publishers don’t have to cower to Texas’ unreasonable demands anymore.

I have just received notice from the Texas Freedom Network, and am pleased to report that each of the 14 textbook publishers involved have all ignored the outrageous changes demanded by our pseudoscience loonies. Thus our science standards will remain strong on legitimate science.