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Back to the textbook trenches in Texas

Next week, Tuesday Sept 17th, I will be in Austin once again, testifying before a panel reviewing and revising our science standards.  They’re good as they are, no revision necessary. So guess who’s trying to change them and why.

Once again, I will be speaking to a panel of religious ideologues determined not to listen, determined not to learn, and determined not to teach anything that is actually factually true.

The new textbook review committee was nominated by our now infamous State Board of Education, which means that several of these panelists were strategically-positioned with the specific intention of undermining science education in favor of a religious agenda. Some of the people on that board are associated with, or actually employed by, the Discovery Institute. That’s the creationist belief-tank that has turned up behind every misguided faith-based deception in all our public schools over the last decade or so at least.

According to the National Center for Science Education, they’re still denying that humans have any responsibility or influence with regard to climate change. They are still trying to include the oxymoron of ‘creation science’ based on ancient fables, and they’re still denying all of the verifiable facts of evolution that I listed for them last time.

All their arguments have been soundly and profoundly repeatedly disproved many times over, and they know it! But they don’t care. They’re still on their same old mission to mislead and deceive. So once again I’m siding with the Texas Freedom Network to Stand Up For Science.