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Wretched behavior

The FtBConscience conference happened to be on our 5th wedding anniversary, so the wife and I talked about how we met, and how we inspired each other’s activism. She’s a science teacher, so we have a common enemy in the creationist camp, and we talked a bit about our history with that too. I’m glad she’s finally stepped in front of the camera and has become more vocal on blogs and so on.

Somehow despite all my public appearances, speeches, various radio debates, podcast interviews, and spots on the Atheist Experience TV show, and all the videos I’ve made for 80,000+ subscribers, the creationist community still seems completely unaware of me. They don’t even know who I am. But let my soft-spoken diminutive wife say anything against Ken Ham’s multimillion-dollar annual scam on her 3rd podcast, and the creationists immediately tear into her.

Lilandra wonders why these Religious Right types are so dismissive of women. She noted that outspoken confident women (like Wendy Davis) are dismissed as ‘feminazis’, while gentler women are readily mocked with a condescending tone. Never is the content of their argument appropriately addressed.

Ken Ham himself tried to twist Lilandra’s message to promote his upcoming conference on how to brainwash children in home-school. Then through him, his minions of mystic nonsense try to pick up her trail. At 4:44 into the appropriately named Wretched Podcast, Todd Friel begins bashing “Lilanda”. They don’t say or spell her name correctly, and they don’t mention the name of her podcast either. Me they refer to only as “the Biker Monkey”.

Friel opens his attack against my half-Asian wife by making fun of Chinese names. Not kidding. They played a clip from her, and then edited it in such a way that they could criticize her grammar.  Of course they misrepresented everything she said, and the field of science she was referring to, which is what creationists habitually do. They praised their own ignorance of course, and ended their jeering by using silly voices -exactly the way we’d expect of typical 5th graders. This is the best they’ve got, and that’s why we never see anything better. The most important thing to them is being deceived by a twisted fantasy, and yet they say that it is we who have “no hope”.Oh the irony.

The surreal realm of creationism is a disorienting dreamscape of logical fallacies. As always it boils down to whether one would rather make-believe things that are definitely not true, or whether one would rather try to understand what really is true. Friel is of the wilfully-ignorant variety.

For example, he says we can’t be animals because we walk upright. However ‘animals’ are defined as ‘multicellular opisthokonts which must ingest other organisms in a digestive tract in order to survive’, and there are many animals -besides humans- who are bi-pedal. I’m sure Friel already knows this, but simply doesn’t care. He wants people to think that taxonomy is an arbitrary human construct rather than one that is governed, confirmed, and corrected by objective criteria. He also said that teaching taxonomy in the classroom leads directly to school violence. Once again, creationism is not like the truth and does not like the truth.