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Jun 08 2013

Muslim Demographics

When I got into anti-theist activism, it actually had a lot less to do with Christianity than with Islam. It doesn’t matter to me which cult is in charge; whichever has the most power weilds the greatest threat. It’s just that with Christianity generally diminishing both nationally and globally, I wasn’t that concerned with them. …

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Jun 06 2013



First time director, Louis Joon sent me a complimentary copy of his new “gothsploitation movie”, Learning Hebrew. Now there are several reasons why I’m not the right person to write a review for a film like this. For one, I sometimes really like unique, original independent ‘cult’ films, and this one is just a bit …

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Jun 05 2013

Ken Ham denies what he is

Get this, Ken Ham of answersingenesis denies that he belongs to the same phylogenetic clade as the rest of humanity. Or perhaps he objects that humanity belongs in the taxonomic superfamily, Hominoidea. But whether he accepts that or not, there we are, and we can all see that. Seriously, just look it up. The reason …

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Jun 04 2013

Accurate Science for the Home-schooler

What will atheist activists do when professional creationists no longer have influence enough to bother with? It is already obvious that religious extremists like Ham and the Hovinds have done far more damage to their religion than I ever could. Even other Christians admit and lament that pretty openly. A Catholic genetics professor, Dr Kenneth …

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Jun 01 2013

Ken Ham refused to debate me

So Ken Ham has answered my challenge. He says he’ll have a debate, but not with me. Oh no, he won’t face me. Why not, you ask? I’ll explain that in a moment. First let’s look at his counter-proposal. He actually wants to replace both of us. He wants to pit a professional scientist with …

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