TrueEmpiricism (irony alert)

As Darwin once said, “ignorance more often begets confidence than does knowledge“.

Someone demonstrating Dunning-Kruger syndrome keeps sending me private messages wherein he speaks without knowledge very confidently. I don’t even have time just to read all my emails anymore. I certainly can’t take the time to personally educate every internet noob who thinks he knows something that every expert forgot to notice.

Here is my list of the faults in this video.

1. Theism compares to belief in the invisible pink unicorn because both are unfalsifiable self-contradicting absurdities posited without any basis in fact.

2. Neither theism, -nor any other supernatural superstition- provides any ‘explanation of reality’. Before I can reject your explanation, you’ll have to provide one.

3. Atheism is not ‘reductionist’; it is simply the default position with regard to such baseless assertions as the claim that there are magical anthropomorphic immortals. In science, there is only that which is supported by evidence, and that which is not supprted by evidence, and whatever is not supported by evidence does not warrant serious consideration. Come back when you show there’s a THERE there, when you can show some way to test your claims and to gauge how accurate your beliefs are. Until you can do that, you shouldn’t believe such nonsense, and you certainly shouldn’t state it as if you know it.

4. Theism does not ‘force’ a-theism into anything, nor could it. Making wild indefensible claims -without justification- logically *should* force one to either meet their burden of proof, or retract their dishonest assertions when they prove to be unsupported. Theists can never do that. So what they try to do instead is to project their own fallacies -and their burden of proof- onto the default position -whether neither belongs.

5. Atheism is not a ‘world view’. There are world views which are atheist, (Druids, Pantheists, Taoists, animists, shaman, and so on) but apistevist empirical rationalists do not count as any sort of ‘world view’. Scientific rationalism has neither required beliefs nor prohibited beliefs. That’s why we call it ‘free thought’.
Theists pretend to know what no one even can know, while apistevists honestly admit when no one knows, and that theists NEVER know. (You really don’t – ever.) We also have situations in which we actually *do* know the answer, but theists have to pretend that we don’t, and no amount of proof will change their minds. That’s the world-view at work; assumed conclusions of wishful thinking which absolutely must be defended -no matter how wrong they are- via cognitive bias and whatever other means necessary. None of this applies to apistevists.

That’s 5 significant errors just in the first half minute, and there’s still another nine minutes to go!? At a rate of one false premise every 6 seconds, I can’t waste any more of my time on this. Please find someone to teach you the basics of logic, science, philosophy, theology, and critical thinking, so that you have at least some idea what you’re talking about -before you go waste someone else’s limited life-span.

Hopefully others will watch the rest of this video for me and continue this list without me.