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Here come the loonies

So now that Ken Ham, president of answersingenesis has acknowledged me, the most extreme whackos on the web are suddenly aware of me too. For example, Conspiracy News accuses me of being a puppet of the Illuminati, which in turn is allegedly controlled by Satan. I find this amusing since neither of those entities apparently exists.

That site describes me as a psychopathic mystic, using demonic doctrine to seduce ‘the simple’. I guess that’s how they think one gets on the international speakers circuit supporting reason and skeptical rationalism. So the irony meter is already pegged. Most of my live audiences also tend to include famous philosophers, particle physicists, cosmologists, geneticists, and so on. So it seems that having the word, ‘Professor’ in front of your name, and the letters ‘PhD’ after your name, somehow qualify one as ‘simple’. Worse still, according to Conspiracy News, conferences with so many highly educated participants amount to “the blind leading the blind”. Compare that to a religious conference, and the irony meter is destroyed.

It is especially amusing that they have to ignore everything I said in every video I’ve ever made when they say that I “cannot offer “one shred of evidence” for the “scientific fables” of big bang, old earth, evolution, or heliocentrism. Actually I have provided abundant evidence for all these things –except heliocentrism. I didn’t really see the need to present a lot of scientific data showing that the earth goes around the sun rather than the other way around. I guess I just don’t expect people to be that stupid. I should rethink that since I now know of a few well-known geocentrists, NephilimFree, VenomFangX, Frank Turek, Pastor Bob Enyrart, and so on.

This particular poster, RobinMFisher also thinks that my saying that I’m not particularly interested in philosophy means that I’m not even aware of when I still have to talk about that subject. Of course I am. Similarly, I have said many times that I prefer to deal in fact whenever possible, and I tend to preface mere opinions with some apology. For example, there have been a few times when I was asked my philosophical opinion, and I shared it thus:

“I sincerely do not understand hate, nor why other people fixate on negativity. It’s just not the way I think. There is a positive aspect to nearly all our experiences. If you can’t find something good, at least allow yourself to be impressed, because sharing the things you love is what will endear you to others. Seriously, nobody cares about what you hate, and you shouldn’t either.”.

So I find it ironic that AtheistWatch calls me a “completely opinionated, hate-group bully”

Their description of me is all wrong too. For example, I have never lived in Denton, and I don’t think I have ever said that “science is kryptonite to creationists”. Of course they think it “obvious” that I wrote my own wiki page too. I didn’t, but I did contact them once, asking them to correct their description of me. They said I was someone who might physically threaten those who disagree. That’s just not how I am –regardless how many religious nuts want to pretend that I’m such a ‘bully’. Honesty, accuracy, and accountability simply do not matter to religious zealots.

My favorite of the criticisms against me on AtheismWatch is this one:

“the standard that he uses to hold the bible to sees the Bible as cliaming on behalf of God:“I know everything I’ve always been there here’s what hapepned in the past.” That’s a log of hog wash. It’s not true God knows all that is knowable but the bible never makes such a claim for itself. It never presets itself as an accurate history book such that it says ‘here’s what happened in the past.” That kind of blanket statement is the all or nothing bunck that atheists thrive on.”

It wasn’t me who recited that ‘log of hogwash’; it was the Young Earth Creationist, Ken Ham who described the Bible exactly that way. I was merely quoting his ‘bunck’. But it is nice to see how venomous believers can be when one of their own people says something wrong, -but they think I’m the one who said it.

I wonder what the next paranoid tabloid sensationalist opposite-accusation of me will be.