I’m going to grill Ham

It has been reported to me that the following message was emailed to AnswersInGenesis earlier today.


Ken Ham

This message is to inform you that Houston Atheists, the world’s largest atheist community with over 2,100 members, has a challenge for you. We understand that you are scheduled to address the Texas Home School Coalition Convention near Houston on August 1-3, and that you intend to continue your campaign to teach young earth creationism to these children as scientific fact.

Please let it be known that while we respect your freedom to express your religious views, we also vehemently oppose the indoctrination of children with radical fundamentalist theology under the false guise of “science”, and your claimed beliefs–that the universe is less than 7,000 years old and that non-avian dinosaurs co-existed with humanity–certainly qualify as such.

We are concerned that you are deliberately deceiving homeschoolers by misrepresenting the facts in what you admit is an act of confirmation bias. To “teach” students with your message is to lie to them. That may serve your religion, but it does not serve children who will grow up trying to live and work in contemporary, science-based societies. Neither does it serve anyone who simply wants their children to understand natural scientific processes and phenomena which are verifiable facts of nature.

It is for these reasons we hereby challenge you to a formal debate on the topic of Evolution vs. Creationism, and which should be taught to students as science. We will happily arrange an appropriate venue at a neutral location agreeable to both parties, such as a hotel conference center of adequate size near your convention during your visit to the Houston area. Your own recent comments in the blogosphere indicate our clear choice for your opponent: secular activist and science advocate AronRa, who has already accepted the challenge.

This is your opportunity to show the world whether your beliefs truly stand up to the light of scrutiny. All we ask of you now is to accept our challenge.

-Houston Atheists

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