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Is love proof of God above?

Five loving atheist couples, where both partners are atheist activists, will match wits to decide the question once and for all. The couples on the panel include in no particular order JT Eberhard and Michaelyn Everhart (got her name right that time), Matt Dillahunty and Beth Presswood, Shayrah Akers and Daniel Moran, Adam and Amanda Brown, and last but certainly not the least adorable atheist couple Aron Ra and Lilandra(me).

How deep is your love? Because we're living in a world of fools...

How deep is your love? Because we’re living in a world of fools…

The show will start Newlywed Game style with our host David Fitzgerald. Couples will battle it out for a coveted TBD prize to show just how well couples know each other without a god to make their love magical! Hopefully David will be merciful with the questions about “whoopee”. An example question: What is your partner’s nickname for you? The partner will write it down, and wait for their partner’s answer to see if they got it correct. (My nickname for Aron was large mammal) So I will be studying Aron’s every move until the end of the week, and quizzing him on his likes and dislikes all, so we can defeat Beth/Matt and Michaelyn/JT.  They are tough competition, I know this from past Camp Quest competitions. Not as much data on the other 2 couples.

After the game, we will the talk about answering apologetics concerning love. We will kill that C.S. Lewis tired and oft referenced apologetic with fire.  Other discussion topics include the differences between Biblical relationships vs. secular relationships. Tune in to The Nones podcast this Sunday May 26th at 12:00 PM CST. It will livestream from youtube at www.youtube.com/user/th3n0nes.

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