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Constant Attacks on Education

Sometimes the research I have to do is nothing short of disheartening.  This weekend that that included Mark Chancey’s report on problematic religious studies in Texas public schools.

As if that weren’t already bad enough, some Texans also want to blindly follow Louisiana’s misdirection in their attempts to undermine public education, by adopting the Religious Right’s voucher program.


If you take the time to watch the video above, imagine how deeply deceived you would be if you were raised with the type of education these people provide.  They lie almost constantly and control the opinion of the reader continuously.  It is insidious.  Even with all that brainwashing, I am still personally mystified at how so many people can back such blatant propaganda, and why anyone would advocate an factually erroneous education based on prejudice by deliberately deceptive sources funded by hate groups.  This is why I became an activist in the first place, but the situation only seems to be getting worse.  Any suggestions?