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Lookie there, I’m in the newspaper

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There was at least one reporter at the Texas Freethought Convention.  I didn’t talk to her much.  She was in one of the pubs on Austin’s 6th St chatting it up with Darryl Ray, Zachary Moore, and the like.   So when a photographer showed up last week saying he needed portraits for that story Anna was doing, I had to say, “OK, remind me, who’s Anna?”

I just wanna make a couple corrections to her comments -purely out of my own vanity.  (1) I have 12,000 more subscribers than the article says I do.

(2) I don’t look like a roadie for a terrifying metal band; I look like the band.  It’s my bros who look like roadies.  Well, most of them anyway.   ;-)

(3) My bolo tie isn’t a scarab beetle; it’s a trilobite.  My necklace (above) is a trilobite too, but I find that takes too long to explain to most people.