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Going to have to burn my new Secular Humanism T-Shirt by Lilandra

WTH?! I followed a link from a blog comment linking the Tea Party to Fascist government to a secular humanist site.  You know you have to be ever vigilant against fascism. Right?  But then what is up with this site’s banner…

What are they trying to say?

Why make a point to everyone that visits the site that you are “Beyond Atheism” and “Beyond Agnosticism”?  Are they trying to say they are better than atheists and agnostics?

Normally I wholeheartedly endorse human efforts to make the world a better place, because just praying for it isn’t going to make it happen.   I spent 25 dollars on that t-shirt, but I can’t endorse Secular Humanism as presented in this motto.   I sure as hell wouldn’t wear a motto that proclaimed I was beyond atheism and agnosticism.