4th annual BlogTV charity telethon for MSF

I’m sleeping in late tomorrow, because I mean to ride out the whole 24 hour charity drive.  It starts at 10:00am my time, (central time) Saturday morning on DPRJones’ BlogTV channel. I’ll be interviewing Mr. Deity at midnight my time, which will be 10:00pm his time, (Pacific) and 6:00am for DPR Jones, who is hosting this thing.  At 9:00am central on Sunday, I’ll be back -following the Thinking Atheist’s interview with little miss Jessica Ahlquist.  At that time, I’ll be talking with James the Amazing Randi for an hour, and will then be joined by Matt Dillahunty for the the final hour of the whole marathon telethon.  Of course there are several other participants scheduled for the rest of that time.

I’m glad to be involved in this.  I’m gonna have a good time regardless, I always do.  I just hope we raise some money this year.