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Open letter to Bob Enyart

Three weeks ago, I posted a notice about the online debate I’ve been having with Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church.  There hasn’t been much direct communication between us since this thing began.  One of his minions occassionally checks the boards for messages, and recently relayed a notice from Bob.   He says he is about to post his 6th submission -nearly two months after my last one to him.  The only reason I mention that is whenever I have taken more than a couple weeks to reply to him, his people start posting comments accusing me of cowardice.  Anyway I suspect that his next post will be what all his previous posts have been, irrelevant filibustering. 

This debate was supposed to be over how accurate he and I both were while we were arguing on his radio show last November.  We were only supposed to see which of the claims we made then were right, wrong, distorted, or deceptive.  I don’t know why he accepted my challenge.  He can’t defend his position and can’t honestly concede that he was wrong about everything either, so he keeps trying to change the topic, or raise peripheral issues, introducing a mess more urban legends and media-mangled propaganda that I shouldn’t have to deal with.  I’ve tried to get him focused on the original topic several times, but he will not acknowledge that, and certainly won’t admit that any of his claims were false or that each of his assertions have been disproved.  Thus far, Bob has repeatedly ignored every direct question and every argument of evidence ever presented with regard to the actual comments made on the show.  That’s all he was ever supposed to respond to, but he just won’t do it, and I think he’s trying to obfuscate that.   

I can’t waste this much time on him anymore, and I don’t intend to post to that debate again.  As far as I’m concerned, I won with my first post in December, and have no need to keep winning the same argument.   But I am concerned that anyone here who reads his next post (of whatever new pseudoscience he can scrape together) won’t know what this debate is all about, and what points he is still avoiding.  So I have a suggestion as to how to hold him accountable.  I’ve posted this to the debate already, but he has previously admitted that he doesn’t follow the forum, and won’t check the thread before posting to it.  So rather than relay a private message back through his lackey, I don’t think this message should be private; I think it would be better to make a more public statement, one that he’s not as likely to miss -or dismiss, so that everyone else knows what his next entry had better be.  Hopefully someone will alert him to my reply to his recent message: 

Please feel free to ask AronRa if he’d like to set a limit between posts, say, 48 hours or one week (as I think I proposed),

Now we have a problem. I’m booked up nearly every week over the next few months, with events in Denver, Boston, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Springfield, Tallahassee, Little Rock, and Baton Rouge, to say nothing about a few pod casts, and a couple of charity benefits, on top of my usual commitments. I have so many promotions and presentations to prepare in the interim that I won’t have time to reply to you until some time in December, and I’m supposed to have my book published before then too!

Let me suggest an alternate plan. You make your next post your last. In that post, you will reply to my 4th post to this debate. Therein I repeated a summarized list from the first post to this thread, which was itself a summarized list from the first thread, which you chose to ignore.  I can’t make this any easier for you. As we agreed back in November, you must actually answer all of the questions directed to you, (just like I always do) and properly address each of the charges and challenges therein. Your last submission will be the last word, and the last post to this debate, but it will also be your last chance to do the one-and-only thing you agreed to do when we decided to do this. As you have utterly failed to defend any of the many errors you made on your show, and here as well, and since you haven’t been able to rebut any of the points I made then or since, dispite all the months we’ve been at this, then this will be the moment of truth, the truth you’ve been trying to duck or dodge since this discussion started. It’s time to put up or shut up. If your next submission does not adequately address or acknowledge the errors you made while I was on your show -which is the whole and sole reason we’re even having this debate in the first place, I will take that to mean that you won’t, and others will take that to mean that you can’t. This debate will then be over, and we’ll just leave it to public opinion to agree that I won.

Someone see that he gets that.