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Veteran vlogger, but a blogging noob

OK, old guys and technology, right?  Anyway, I’ll just jump in and get started with my first post.

I’ve had an amazing year so far.  In the last 12 months, I’ve been to Ireland, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Washington DC, Maryland, New Zealand, Australia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Louisiana, California (twice) and even Arkansas, to say nothing of the events going on here in Texas.  I’ve been to a lot of skeptic/humanist/secular/atheist conferences, and have consequently fallen a couple months behind in my personal messages.  I spent most of my weekend trying to get half-way caught up.  Otherwise it’s been great fun.  I had to turn down a trip to Germany due to conflicting family commitments, and I’m mad about that, but I have some cool things coming on the horizon too, which I will of course post about in good time.  Now I have this blog and I’m trying to figure out how I have time to squeeze in one more of these type pursuits.  Isn’t that a great thing to complain about?  It’s a helluva lot better than sitting on the sofa wondering what’s on TV, right?  I haven’t turned on a television since I discovered the internet.  That’s when I started posting to Talk.Origins with other internet nerds like P.Z. Myers.  Since then, every year keeps getting better.  Now I feel like I’m actually doing something helpful, and I am proud to be associated with people of such high integrity.  Thank you everyone, but especially Matt, Laura, DPR, and Thunder.  I am sincerely glad just to know you guys.   Now let’s see how productive I can be in the coming year.

My wife also wants to become more active in this sphere.  She is a science teacher, and a good writer who is already a regular contributor to one of our major metro papers, and she has a lot of good points to make.  Now if I could only get my kids to be more active, right?

Anyway, being systematic, let me announce the next date on my roster.  On the national mall, I target=”_blank”>encountered a couple of Christian kids who were protesting the Reason Rally.  These boys were deeply deceived victims of Ray Comfort and the Hovind family of frauds.  One of them, it seems, had no education in logic or science or any aspect of demonstrable reality, or even theology, and had apparently never had his delusion challenged before either.  So I target=”_blank”>convinced him to assist me in an experiment.  I’m going to try a new approach in an attempt to reason with someone who has been conditioned to be unreasonable after lifelong indoctrination.  That will be our second session which will probably take place next week.  First he says he wants to ask me a series of questions.  Doubtless they won’t be sincere inquiries.  I predict they’ll be the usual non-sequitors we always hear asked by those who hope their questions cannot be answered, as if lacking an answer might justify assumptions that would of course still be unwarranted regardless what the answer is.  That part of our conversation will happen this Thursday, June 21st at 6:30pm Central time on my BlogTV channel.  At that time, we will schedule the next session.  I will also present him with a half dozen or so questions for him to mull over in the interim.  Then in our second session, we’ll get more into my interrogation and analysis of his position.  My goal is to show him -and have him acknowledge- that Cameron & Comfort, Ham and the Hovinds have never told him anything he could actually show to be true about either evolution or their religious beliefs, but that they have all lied to him almost constantly.  That will be an important first step.  What I hope will happen after that is that over the next six months or so, his mind will awaken, much like King Theodan’s did after Saruman was drawn out of him.  It could happen.