So Part III in the Female Genital Mutilation Saga


A Skepchick writer has come out in favour of the Lisa Wade’s article in one specific way

No one likes to be told what to do? Especially by people outside the culture if they are using language condemning a practice that is harsh.

The problem is Lisa Wade poisoned that one point with the rest of her post. “With Therapy” women will have a normal sex life doesn’t excuse protecting a practice. With therapy a broken leg will heal, doesn’t mean running someone’s leg over with a car is harmless. She covers up harm and uses language legitimising a practice and treats it as a medical procedure.

The piece in from Heina refers to Ophelia’s and Zinnia’s pieces on the topic mentioning that they are facts of FGM light. And to be fair I had just run my “primer” on FGM earlier so I figured they didn’t go into the details about it because if people asked they could just go “Look at Avi’s Stuff” rather than hammering out the same primer. That’s my defence of why they didn’t really go into the details of the subject. [Read more...]

A Balanced Look at Female Genital “Mutilation” is Anything But

I started noticing a fair few hits from “The Society Pages” and went to see who was flogging my blog (That sounds… dirty, But then again with my accent saying “Can I butter your scones” can be considered as near pornographical).

What I came across was something that sets itself up to be a balanced view about the practice of female genital mutilation.

A lot of people who read that were obviously rather angry. One of them linked to my recent post on FGM and it’s defence in Islam. So I had a read on my way back from my exam and have a rebuttal. If you want to see another one, check out Zinnia’s piece on her blog.

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Won’t Someone Think of The Children

Not You!!!!

Apart from you guys!

Let’s just say… Jesus makes you think of children a lot. Sometimes in not very acceptable ways.

Oh get your mind out of the gutter! This is an article about abortion and in particular Matt Barber’s take on it where he writes an open letter to the women and “girls” who have had an abortion. He does ask us to keep an Open Mind and Hearing Heart and maybe an Empty Stomach, which is fine if you are planning to do battle in The Kitchen Stadium to topple an Iron Chef but not if you want to talk to idiots particularly about a topic which is personal, upsetting and above all private.

The thing is Matt thinks the things he says are truths. Which is deadly as fuck, because this man genuinely believes that the entire history of the planet is based on a bunch of ignorant shepherds from the Middle East and their religion which was considered anti-knowledge EVEN during it’s own foundation. It’s a faith where the greatest sin and the deadliest thing in it was the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge isn’t treated as sacred or important, it is treated as dangerous. Abrahamic faith is not just a blindfold to reality but is also a lead pipe to the head when it comes to it so you either are simply blinded or worse, you perceive it in such a warped and weird way that the only thing that will knock sense into you is a horrific shock. Where every single thing that the person holds dear suddenly and simultaneously comes down. My transition to atheism wasn’t a horror filled realisation it was slow and gradual and rather painless. I never really had to wrestle with any demons all though I will Invoke Rule 34 for anyone wanting to see that particular fantasy.

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