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Oct 16 2013

I Get Mail – Clarifications and a Response to Kacyray

This one’s a comment by Kacyray that needs some addressing.

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Oct 15 2013

A Voice for Me – A Firestorm of Helmet Bunnies, Sluts and Rape

I recently came across this word in a twitter discussion (OKAY, Raging Argument) with Dean Esmay and Judgy Bitch. For those who don’t know who these are, Dean Esmay is one of the big shots up at A Voice for Men and Judgy Bitch is a lady MRA who I came across when she was …

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Oct 03 2013

A Further Word on Thunderf00t

I thought a little bit more about Thunderf00t’s rape Video and realised something.

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Oct 01 2013

Women Can’t Drive! Now You Know

As you all know, I am a totally trustworthy source of information and can categorically say that women cannot drive due to a variety of medical issues. As we all know women have descended from ribs and ribs have poor hand eye coordination. I mean if ribs were better coordinated they would not be so …

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Oct 01 2013

Ann Marie Waters – You Are Not Helping By Supporting Condell

No Really. Pat Condell’s stances are widely pushed among racist circles because Mr. Condell speaks with of conspiracy theories of Muslims. One of his most recent statements was fear for Sweden for granting asylum to 2 MILLION Syrians. A little bit of googling and you find out that the real story was “Sweden gives 8000 …

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Sep 12 2013

Education? What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing! (Unless you are Male)

So why do we need to educate women? 

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Sep 06 2013

It’s Not Empowerment, It’s Quackery

Prior to the Obstetric/Gynaecological adoption of abortion, it was one of the most riskiest procedures out there. Abortions historically have had some of the worst mortality rates and were generally a practice of last resorts. We turned it into an outpatient procedure with an incredibly low mortality rate. There are different indications for abortions and …

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Sep 03 2013

Age of Kali – Did She Call Him Brother and Plead for Mercy?

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Aug 12 2013

Age of Kali – No Means No

I have always given this advice to young (younger I suppose?) men out on the pull. Consent is vital. Yes means Yes, No Means No. And you must not push or influence consent. Yes doesn’t mean yes if you are being scary. What you think is not scary may be terrifying to someone else. Honestly? …

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Jul 21 2013

Suzanne Venker’s And the War on Men

War on Men has reached a whole new front. Not content with her article last year Suzanne Venker is back with another article to claim that the world is so much  more terrible for men.

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