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Jun 25 2014

8 Things the Anti-Vax Lobby Doesn’t Understand

The usual problem with the anti-vaccination lobby is that there is an intense lack of understanding about vaccination.

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Mar 18 2013

Vaccines – Educative Ignorance

Apparently I am “broken”. My medical education means one thing… That I am now officially in the claws of the medical system! Everyone tells me how incomplete my education is. From Chiropractors who tell me the spine is the heart of health (Including one who told me that spinal manipulation can control heart rates which …

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Feb 16 2013

Part 3 – Questions about Vaccines Answered

So to end my three part expansion on vaccination which started with Why we Should Be Vaccinated and then listed some common Fallacies along with a primer on immunology, I have a “little” piece on the most frequently asked questions submitted from a variety of sites on vaccines.

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