Not the Ducks! -Push Back Against Doctors

One of the amusing things in general about the anti-vax is their unwillingness to be able to do work. I do get some amusing hate mail. Mostly its the “Fuck You baby Killer” variety which is a dig on the fact for a short period, I was FTB’s official abortionist. See? I used to do abortions and quite frankly I don’t think it is any of my business judging the people who have abortions for their situations. It is their choice. If you are against abortion then don’t have one.

I got sent this as a sort of “dagger through the heart” post meant to end my stance on vaccination. I figure I should do this as a two parter. So let’s look at the first “letter to doctors”. This one from someone speaking as a parent.

If someone said “speaking as a parent, I think it is okay to mix water and electricity” we would consider them shoddy parents. Yet the same sort of logic is considered acceptable. Parents often make poor decisions with regards to children’s healthcare and that is fine. However don’t portray yourself as an equal in terms of knowledge. One of the prices of my education is realising how much I don’t know. A lot of my medical posts are after a read through of the literature and text books.  [Read more…]

Vaccines – Educative Ignorance

Apparently I am “broken”. My medical education means one thing…

That I am now officially in the claws of the medical system! Everyone tells me how incomplete my education is. From Chiropractors who tell me the spine is the heart of health (Including one who told me that spinal manipulation can control heart rates which is funny because the Vagus nerve controls the heart rate and that’s a Cranial Nerve). The Homeopaths tell me I don’t understand everything from water memory to quantum mechanics. The natural med people tell me that my asprin and morphine are no match for the power of natural medicine (Making me wonder if they even know what goes into these drugs). And my personal favourite is the notion that I don’t know how the various systems of the body interact with each other.

To which I respond with racuous laughter. Medicine is the study of the human body. We break up aetiology according to system but the effects of those causes are for the entire body. A clot in your leg could kill you through your lungs. A clot in your left ventricle could kill you via your brain. A tumour in your kidney could make your life dangerous via a hormone. A fracture to your leg could kill you via a fat embolism.

We know about the entire body. It’s why our course is 6 years long for a basic qualification and another 6 to 10 for a specialisation. It’s why our course is packed to the gills with classes and labs and clinics. The very notion that medicine is divided into systems is pure nonsense. [Read more…]