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Jul 29 2013

Weight Loss?

Why would you lose weight? Oh well. It’s because you are a woman. You are planning to challenge for a leadership position in the elections. No one votes for a fat woman. No one wants to be represented by that. John Prescott and Eric Pickles may be corpulent but their weight adds grandeur. I am …

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Jul 27 2013

Brighton Trans-Pride

As the UK’s first Trans Pride event is staged this weekend in Brighton, one of its organisers Sabah Choudrey talks about the challenges of having a transgender identity. The Trans Pride event being held in Brighton is aimed at tackling that. Over 350 people are expected to attend events including a beach picnic. Mr Choudrey …

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Jul 18 2013

Aww Isn’t it Cute

The anti-gay are out in the UK. And they have a little billboard out.

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Jun 27 2013

National Prayer Breakfast and a further Dig at Atheism

The National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast is not a big event in the British Parliamentary Calendar. It is however a day set aside to claim that Christianity has a role in making the UK what it is today. With the usual “Christian” spin on it. It’s the usual fallacy that without Christianity the UK will just …

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Jun 24 2013

FGM Hotline

The UK’s Female Genital Mutilation Hotline goes live today. It is estimated that roughly 70 women a month are brought in with complications with regards to the practice. Most of these are young children. The UK police are treating the practice as child abuse and a special help line to ask both about legal advice …

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Jun 22 2013

A Step Forward – Girl Guides

The Girl Guides of the UK have made a change. It’s a minor one really. It’s nothing big. But one that I applaud. The Girl Guides have given up their “Christian” roots and become a secular organisation. It has changed it’s pledge from mentioning “God” and “Country” with “be true to myself and develop my …

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Jun 08 2013

Saruman’s Advice

Do not speak to me of Dr Terry Mortenson. He is a foolish fellow. Something wicked this way comes in Lanarkshire in East Kilbride (Scotland). Apparently they are going to hear the debate about “Creation versus Evolution”. I assume afterwards they are going to hear the debate whether the Earth is Flat or Spherical.

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Jun 06 2013

Losing With Grace

It’s gg and well played to us. The Church of England has accepted defeat in the fight to give the GLBT the same rights as straight couples. They are officially ceasing their direct support (naturally, Individual priests may still carry the fight) against anti-GLBT marriage. The scale of the majority in both the Commons and …

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May 14 2013

A Voice for Me – Judgy Bitch 2 – Electric Blogaloo

Judgy Bitch came to my attention for her frankly lunatic take on a rape trial in the USA where she proceeded to blame the victim of rape as someone trying to gain social approval by “shagging high value males”. Not the reality where the girl was raped precisely because she TURNED DOWN the advances of football …

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Apr 08 2013

Thatcher is Dead

If you haven’t heard it, ex-British Prime Minister and architect of privatisation passed away early this morning from a stroke.

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