Female Genital Mutilation – A Nuanced Look at the First Trial

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena is one of the first people to be charged in the UK under a landmark case allowing for the prosecution of people involved in aiding and abetting the crime of female genital mutilation.

Female Genital Mutilation is not a good practice. I have long stood against it. However I have had issues with the UK’s laws with regards to Female Genital Mutilation. Doctors were told to fight the practice with little or no training or worse? No idea of how to deal with children at risk.

The point is? We don’t want to take children away from parents. We don’t want young girls to get cut. We also don’t want parents to not bring their kids to see the doctor for fear of being arrested.

But that being said? Prosecutions need to occur. [Read more...]

An Example of Islamophobia

“I’m being bullied at school because of my race and religion. They call me a terrorist because they know I’m Muslim. I’ve lost my temper a few times – it really frustrates me because then I end up getting in trouble. Some of my friends stick up for me, but it’s not enough, I want the teachers to do something but they always tell me they’re too busy.”

You can’t be racist against Islam, it’s not a race!  [Read more...]

But We Want Gender Segregation

There is a line between Islamophobia and genuine criticism. The problem is Islam doesn’t take criticism well. In response to criticism Islam tends to label ALL criticism as Islamophobic.


Let’s take the usual one. There is a rising problem with radicalisation of young Muslims and a fetishisation of Jihad alongside a literal translation of Islam. To many Muslims the reaction is “All Muslims are Terrorists”. There is an unwillingness to listen to reasonable criticism and ignoring genuine problems and tarring all criticism as racism or islamophobic. [Read more...]

When Human Rights Goes Too Far

The European Court of Human Rights has lost its legitimacy in the UK by doing things that frankly the people of this country and their elected representatives do not want.

“This is not an issue that unites the Coalition. The Conservative Party’s intention is to go into the next election with an absolutely clear plan for change.

“And it is absolutely clear Parliament has the sovereign right to implement that change.

“We have been looking at a number of options, of which leaving the Convention is one.

“It’s not the only option we are considering and we will be bringing forward plans in the next few weeks.

“Later next year we will publish a draft Bill which will set out precisely how that legal change will take place.

“We will have a clear plan for reform which we will implement in government if we are successful at the ­election.”

– Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary of the UK

There are no words to how disappointing and how dangerous this idea is. [Read more...]



Founder of Computer Science

Enigma Code

[warning]This post should have gone up when the news was announced but due to some unforseen issue with the back end was not posted. It is out of date but is still relevant. The random string of characters in the name is not me typing with both hands taped together but is Enigma Code.[/warning] [Read more...]

Laurie Penny does Not Get The Problem With Gender Segregation

Laurie Penny’s article on the fight against segregation gives me an ample opportunity to take on the issue of segregation. I disagree with her. Her statement that the entire atheist community is filled with “White Men” and that the argument has been co-opted by racists is rather problematic since it actually ignores all the people who are not White Men or indeed not racist but have sincere misgivings about the utilisation of Unviersity Property to behave in a manner that is against the ideals of the University.

I missed the arguments on segregation as I was trying to deal with racism aimed at me for complaining about racism in the gaming community. I know. It’s daft.

But the issue is something that’s tearing up both feminists and secular societies. Many groups think acceptance of gender segregation is acceptable. Many groups have a euphemistic attitude to segregation. And both sides are filled with strawmen.

Let’s be clear. I do not think gender segregation is appropriate. I think that on public land and with societies sponsored with taxpayer money from Student Unions, the emphasis should NOT be on segregation. Now there are defences that people have made against this and I will deal with them in short order.

I don’t write about women’s issues alone. I lack the education in the field. I just write what I know and what I see. I write from the perspective of a man. A non-white man. I am Asian. Like the majority of Muslims in the UK. Our culture is relatively similar with few differences in religious behaviour. The issue with criticising Islam is that any criticism of Islam is fraught with two problems. The dialogue is poisoned by extremists on both sides. On the one side you have people who issue death threats. [Read more...]