Didgeridon’t – Rolf Harris and the harm caused by Trolls/MRA

The heroes of our youth in the UK are no more. They died in ignominy. Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville turned out to be paedophiles. While Glitter became synonymous with Child Molestation and went to trial quickly, Sir Jimmy Saville was beloved of many and a knight to boot.

He died and his legacy went down fighting against charges made. Now some may say the victims should have come forward earlier while the man was still alive so he could be punished. Maybe, but do you think we would have listened?

[TW – Rape, Sexual Assault, Paedophilia, Harassment]

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How to fight the Islamic Trojan Horse? Accept Jesus!

There is a double standards in the UK with regards to religion in schools. We don’t mind the teaching of “Christian” values. See Christian values are seen as local and from places that are near to us. So if we hear Christian hymns being sung in schools, we turn a blind eye to it.

If someone utters Allahu Akbar then religion has gone too far.

This one’s about Project Trojan Horse or the plan to infiltrate a mainly Muslim school and create enough changes to provide fundies with a system of recruitment of children turning it into a “Madrassa”. A word here? Madrassa means school. It doesn’t mean religious school explicitly. I went to a “madrassa” when I was younger myself.

But when we discuss it in the west we specifically refer to the madrassas that teach the “Koran”. Part brainwashing, part cram school, part philosophy class, the majority of these are designed to get kids to recite the Koran. The original “korans” were people. It was an oral tradition written down as oral reciters had a bad habit of getting killed in wars. But the problem here was that this school had a fantastic reputation, and they wished to use it to sneak nonsense under the radar. The plan failed. It was a stupid plan (since we have inspectors to ensure schools are doing their job and it would show on the results when you suddenly replaced evolution with Islamic Creationism as a subject). But needless to say it was a plot, no matter how incompetent and silly. [Read more…]

UKIP Daily – You Must Join Us! Or Else? You are One of Them…

The entire dialogue of UKIP can be summed up by this rather charming article.

Join us or terrible things will happen. So considering I have been writing about Islam and atheism and the various issues Islam has.

And I was accused of “islamophobia”. Which was interesting since I demonstrated a fairly advanced knowledge about the issues that was well researched and indeed well known if you paid attention to Islam in the way that we know about the various reforms of the Catholic Church.

So let us look at a genuine piece of Islamophobia.  [Read more…]

Exi5tentialist – A better response on Saudi Arabia

It is not the decadent west destroying Arab culture.

That’s ridiculously dramatic. Arab culture is the culture of Arabs. It lives and is developing.

Why not in Saudi Arabia, you ask?

It is Islam.

More demonising rubbish. I’m expecting more and more of this reactionary claptrap from FTB bloggers.

You’re utterly ignored the role of capitalism in creating oppressive social structures in the middle east. You’ve also ignored the way that oppressive governments like Saudi Arabia co-opt religion as an intimidatory mechanism to impose oppressive rule in that country. You’ve ignored the fact that the way they use religion is just one of many tools they have at their disposal; others include vast military arsenals (much US-supplied) and an extremely well-resourced state.

Blaming “islam” is nice and simple and I’m sure you can quote the Quran at me with the best of them. If you want simple explanations for world politics, you stick that one. If you want truth, give it up.

And well done for your islamophobic, anti-semitic, racist culinary attack. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with people who throw the body parts of pigs at mosques or arrange strips of bacon as the star of David on the homes of jewish families in England.

And you dare to post your crap on a Freethought website? Your blog is repulsive.

This was from Exi5tentialist on a post I wrote a few days ago. And I felt a bit more explanation was required. [Read more…]

We May Have Been Christian, But Now We Are Human

This Easter saw a rather distasteful little issue rear its ugly head. It’s no real secret that the UK is a Christian nation on paper, but that it has made massive and useful strides towards a multicultural and secular society.

But this is not enough for David Cameron and Eric Pickles. David Cameron decided to claim divine inspiration for his “Big Society” plan. A plan that from the outside seems to be “Let’s Cut Funding and Expect the people who paid Taxes to directly cover the slack”. And Mr. Pickles was rather more vehement in his demand that atheists shut up and be part of the “Christian” country and to stop trying to change things towards secularism. [Read more…]