About Tiga

Tiga’s not well..

More specifically? She had a hernia that needed correcting. It was pretty bad. A hernia is basically when an organ passes through a gap or a hole meant for something else. The most common hernia we know is the inguinal hernia. Or the “why does my groin bulge now?”. Mainly affects men but there are others.

Her stomach had herniated past her diaphragm. It was a big one and was causing a variety of health issues including cardiac ones.

She’s currently just out of surgery and I figured she could do with some nice messages of support.

So do your thing people!

IMG-20130807-WA0003 IMG-20130807-WA0000She’s currently sore and frowny. Make her smiley again!


Tigasuku – A Beautiful Land

[important]Tigasuku is my girlfriend and I regularly try and snork her blog so people can see what she is upto. She had a little trip to Scotland and I need company in being totally jealous.[/important]

As I type my latest exploits out, I am calmly serenaded by the Riverdance orchestra. Granted, my latest exploits did not take place in Ireland but I did go to a place that has Celtic influence. Thus I deem the soundtrack fitting!

Over the weekend, I travelled with friends Jason and Marite to Edinburgh. It was a trip in occasion of Marite’s birthday and she had asked me to come away with her and her partner Jason. Granted, I was a wee bit anxious about feeling like a third wheel at first but that feeling quickly faded away upon travelling. The couple behaved very much like an old married duo and in fact, reminded me lots of my grandparents!  [Read more…]