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Some of it is common sense like “fucking gun control” (because if your people require guns to feel safe then it’s indicative of a society that has broken down or where people are so powerless that EVEN if they had guns it would change nothing) the others less so. [Read more…]

Hijab 4 a Day

If you haven’t already heard, people are running a “World Hijab Day” to spread more awareness about the practice.

Here is the thing. There is a LOT of racism aimed against Muslims.

However there are a lot of problems with regards to Islamic practice. Now the problem is differentiating what is Muslim and what is Islamic.

“Because I’m not very skilled I’m wearing what you could call a one-piece hijab – you just pull it over your head. But I’ve discovered the scope is endless. There are all sorts of options.” “She assured me that I didn’t need to be Muslim, that it was just about modesty, although obviously linked to Islam, so I thought, ‘why not?'”

There in lies the problem. The major problem of the hijab is it’s used to oppress women through a lovely piece of “logic”.

It’s about modesty is it not? If modest women wear hijabs then what do immodest women wear? Who wants to be like those immodest women right?

This actually exacerbates the problem (something my mother has complained about).

You see, in the UK we have a rule for doctors. We have to be bare below the elbow. No watches, no rings, no sleeves. A big no no for modest Muslim women resulting in an impasse. Do you let people believe in their faith or do you tell them they cannot come into a surgical ward unless they stop wearing full sleeved clothes?

For many people, the hijab is a symbol of oppression and divisiveness. It’s a visible target that often bears the brunt of a larger debate about Islam in the West.

There is a problem with World Hijab Day. And it’s not this.

“My parents, their natural reaction was to wonder if this was a good idea,” says Rhodes, who decided to wear her hijab for a month.

“They were worried I would be attacked in the street because of a lack of tolerance.”

Rhodes herself was concerned about the reaction, but after eight days of wearing the headscarf she has actually been surprised by how positive it has been.

And sadly yes, the wearing of the hijab would make you the target of bigots… BUT…

This day, then, is about showing the world that women can choose the hijab willingly.

Rhodes says it’s a choice she will continue to make.

“I will wear it from time to time,” she says of her hijab. “I’m saying to the world, my beauty is for my family and my partner. Any woman can wear this.”

Rhodes has a choice. She wore the Hijab out of CHOICE. And the reason for her choice is moronic as fuck. You are saying to the world that you think a piece of clothing that is forced upon women with the notion that if they don’t wear it they will attract men so much that they won’t be able to control themselves resulting in rape. They are forced to wear the damn things to be treated as “honourable women” because if they don’t they are “super sluts”. They are forced to wear the damn things.

You are saying to the world that you think a method of excluding women from life is somehow empowering to you because it makes you think your beauty is for your family and your partner. The cynic in me wants to suggest wearing a cardboard box and brown paper bag over your head because that’s got the same effect and is possibly less offensive to women who are desperately fighting to be seen as equals in larger parts of Islamic culture.

The Muslim women do not have that choice in many parts of the world INCLUDING the USA. They can straight up suffer the consequences ranging from ostracisation from their culture to being a target for honour crime. The Hijab may not a symbol of oppression, even if you think that covering your head in cloth somehow works as a chastity belt.

The CHOICE of wearing one is what is oppression.

If a Muslim woman were to choose not to wear one while being from a hijab wearing culture (I know many Muslim cultures don’t advocate it) she would be a pariah. She would be WORSE than us slutty non-hijab wearers because no one we care about is calling us those things for not covering our heads. Her entire culture and faith would call her a slut.