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Mar 12 2014

MH370 – A New Hotbed of Conspiracy from Mike Adams

This post has 84,000 hits already courtesy of Facebook alone. This post is on a website whose traffic and income would put our totals to shame. This post comes from well known quack and conspiracy theorist Mike Adams. This is not new, with every disaster comes a haze of shady conspiracy theories. From school shootings …

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Nov 09 2013

Speaking as a Mother On Vaccination

Society commonly labours under the assumption that people know what’s best for their body. This is generally the case when we discuss the lay public, but when it comes to medicine? The most common mistake we see in anti-vax is that they are willing to use their motherhood as a qualification. That somehow they know what’s best …

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Oct 17 2013

You Did Not Give Your Son Autism, You Bought Into Quackery

The problem with autism is that there is no concrete thing you can blame. No what ifs. You can”t look at something specific and blame it. And many patients and their parents don’t want that, they want something to blame. And the quack brigade gives them definite answers slagging things that people don’t understand. So …

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Sep 23 2013

The Corkscrew – An Idiot’s Guide to Safe Sex

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Sep 06 2013

It’s Not Empowerment, It’s Quackery

Prior to the Obstetric/Gynaecological adoption of abortion, it was one of the most riskiest procedures out there. Abortions historically have had some of the worst mortality rates and were generally a practice of last resorts. We turned it into an outpatient procedure with an incredibly low mortality rate. There are different indications for abortions and …

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Sep 03 2013

Beth Hoffman – Science doesn’t work that way

Beth Hoffman writes for Forbes and she’s mainly about changing the food system. Recently she wrote a piece on Genetic Modification and why Golden Rice is not a good thing. I was stunned by such a statement but before I could respond “Drama Happened” and distracted me, so consider this trying to get back on …

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Sep 02 2013

PETA says Purchased Poultry Purloins Progeny Penis during Pregnancy

Ladies beware! PETA has some SHCOCKING news for you. FINE! I will be serious!

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Aug 30 2013

Age of Kali – In Darkest Night

In Tamil Nadu there are two stars that vie for attention. Rajnikanth and the gods themselves.

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Jul 28 2013

Risky Business


“Avi! Why do you dislike missionaries?”

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Jul 19 2013

It’s Not Real

Sometimes you come across something so spectacularly daft from a religious person that you cannot believe if it’s a real argument or a joke. Magic is the usage of science to fool the eye into thinking the impossible has occurred. You cannot saw a real lady in half. You cannot catch bullets with your teeth. …

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