A Step Forward – Girl Guides

The Girl Guides of the UK have made a change. It’s a minor one really. It’s nothing big. But one that I applaud.

The Girl Guides have given up their “Christian” roots and become a secular organisation. It has changed it’s pledge from mentioning “God” and “Country” with “be true to myself and develop my beliefs” and “community”.

Needless to say? There are always going to be haters. And in this case it’s the Daily Mail. [Read more…]

A Beehive Of Erotic Exploration – Fear Mongering About the Scouts

Now that I have your attention… This is a perfectly safe for work article. Except for the title. We all know why you clicked here. It’s to satiate your sordid bee lust. And yes I am not above sinking to sexing up my boring articles with pictures of titilation. Want more? Well then you just have to click on the link… [Read more…]

Be Prepared || When Maps Flap, and Knots Fray; Just Remember Scout, “At Least You aren’t Gay”

If you haven’t already heard, various Christian groups are out in force about the Boy Scouts of America trying to be decent (finally) and recognise homosexuals as members.

Amongst the Pearl Clutchers we have the Baptist Press who write news with a Christian perspective.

If by Christian you mean “Raging Homophobes”. [Read more…]