SSA Blogathon – Marvelous Medicine

There are often some rather impressive things in medicine. For too long medicine has stagnated in achievement mainly because the new stuff that medicine needs to achieve is “hard”.

Hannah Warren is a Korean toddler. She was born with tracheal agenesis which is a rare and normally fatal birth defect. For 2½ years she lived without a windpipe. She was unable to breathe, swallow, eat or drink unaided and lived in a neonatal intensive care unit in Seoul. [Read more…]

Piano Black – Women in Science

[important]Piano Black is my co-blogger and general minion (yes. I have a FTB Minion). She’s new to blogging and to the atheism, skepticism and freethought malarky that we engage in. She’s currently a high school student and soon to be college student from Texas. She may or may not like ponies.[/important]

It’s a subject that I feel is not talked about enough. As time goes on, women are becoming a force to reckon with in the science world. But where did it all start? And with who? Sadly, I cannot name the great number of women who contributed to science and give the individual homage they deserve. However, I believe this pays homage to the past women, present women, and future women who choose a life of science or anything productive in society.   [Read more…]

TrueU – Because Education challenges Superstition

Focus on the Family’s got a new plan.

Basically? University and College is pretty poor for “faith” in dogmatic religions. There is little to no onus to keep going to a church and you are suddenly thrown into a mixing bowl of people who are nothing like the small groups you are used to and all this broadens your horizons. [Read more…]

Deepak Chopra, TED and Game of Thrones

Am I the only one who wishes the SI unit for “bullshitting about science” to be measured in Deepak Chopras?

Here is the thing. Simply being liberal doesn’t mean you should move away from what people consider as “big pharmacy”. Pharmacy is entrenched in “Big Business” which is benefitted by the low taxes and reduced controls when it comes to profit. However the reason why “Big Pharma” works is because they are entrenched in actual fucking science. The correct response to Big Pharma is “Proper Testing and Control” not “Witch Doctors”.

And Huffington Post should remember that before they give Deepak Chopra a platform.

Deepak Chopra is the very essence of pseudoscience. He utilises words that people are aware off to flog eastern pseudoscience and medicine in scientific terms that simply “don’t mean anything”. Quantum for example is a word he absolutely loves! [Read more…]

Piano Black – Radioactive Space Rock

[important]Piano Black is A Million God’s guest blogger/intern/awesome person and is an 18 year old High School Student stretching her wings in skepticism and atheism while trying to teach people the value of science[/important]

I decided to write about about three very nice people who came into my life, fortunately enough they are here to stay. As a teenager who is trying to figure out who I am and what I am doing on this planet. The people I chose whose life story really jumped out to me was Carl Sagan, Iggy Pop and Marie Curie.

[Read more…]

Mums and Dads

Language is a weapon. It is as deadly a weapon in the game of survival as a spear or an arrow. Language helps preserve knowledge and helps communicate. It turns relatively squishy apes (compared to say… a Bear or a Mammoth) into a team. It’s one of the most important parts of human development. [Read more…]