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Jul 10 2013

r/Atheism and the MSF fundraiser

As you know, r/atheism have a yearly fundraiser for Medicin Sans Frontier and this year is no different. While perusing that thread the following came to my attention.

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Apr 19 2013

A Voice for Me – Now I got Racist, Sexist… Insult the GLBT and we have the Trifecta

Another day, another conspiracy theory about the Boston Marathon. But wait! This one’s from an unexpected source. That’s right! It’s a double whammy of MRA goodness (Badness?)

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Mar 19 2013

Age of Kali – Leap of Faith

A British woman has broken her leg after leaping from her hotel balcony. Why? Because a man offered her a massage. You know how women are crazy right? I mean a massage? Can’t a man approach a unknown woman in the early hours of the morning to give her a massage without them leaping from …

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Jan 08 2013

So Sorry

I have been made aware that both me and Taslima have both been doing something wrong. You see, when we spoke out against rape and when I covered the ways that Indian culture failed with regards to rape I made a horrible mistake. I forgot to delineate between the men who rape and the men …

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Jan 07 2013

Age of Kali – No Doesn’t Means No. It Means “Set Me On Fire”

A college student from Loharra in Uttar Pradesh wasn’t raped, but that’s not good news She however died after she suffered burns to 90% of her body for the simple crime of objecting to sexual harassment and stalking. A man set her on fire after she said no to his “advances”. He had repeatedly followed …

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