No One Will Read This

Again with the Thunderfoot? Well this is mainly out of pique. It’s no secret that I found his latest two videos naught but stupid. If Thunderfoot thinks we are telling women to not take precautions to avoid casual rape then he simply is constructing a straw man. We however aren’t blaming them for what happens if they take some precautions and still get raped because we know that some of the “precautions” are impossible to follow.

No, what we want is to point out that women have to take precautions that we don’t and that’s unfair and sucky and ineffective. Pointing that out got me this from “Adam Who”

I just made you waste 20 minutes of your time. Just look at all non-skeptical, presumptuous nonsense you just posted which nobody will read.

Funny thing is? Adam Who is right. People rarely listen to us and quite honestly the current environment in atheism seems designed to argue over moronic things resulting in a dedicated group of individuals who would damage and harm any attempt to do anything if by some chance you are associated with Freethought Blogs.

The funny thing is? Among all the anti-vax, among all the quacks, among all the pro-lifers, religious fundies and even the goddamn animal lib. Not one group has tried to shut me up or dedicated to ignoring what I say as thoroughly and in a method as coordinated as atheists and skeptics. So called skeptics that is. So what triggered him? [Read more…]

Age of Kali – Eighty Per Cent

There is a small but vocal minority of atheists who don’t think that atheism should be involved in “so called” social justice.

Which is a bit silly. I am not just an atheist. I have other things and other principles. For me my my atheism comes alongside humanist principles and I am painfully aware of the bystander principle.

And while I understand I cannot help everyone, I do my best to try and help. That is all one can really hope to do in most cases.

There is a small and vocal minority of atheists who have taken “umbrage” to the fights I chose to involve myself in. And since moving into a more mainstream blog platform I am exposed to ideas that I don’t quite like.

One of them is the MRA movement. In Particular? A Voice for Men. I have made it quite clear about my distaste and have started specifically mentioning them every time something happens in India.

Why? Because they tried to downplay the seriousness of the problem in India and even Afghanistan. They have held “devil’s advocate” positions from various members supporting cultures that are simply harmful to women. They do so under the guise of “well men have it bad, so fuck women”.

[warning]TW – Rape, Religion, Victim Blaming[/warning]

[Read more…]

Steubenvile and Serena

[warning]TW – Rape[/warning]

Sometimes you run across something vile hidden in something benign.

Serena Williams is a role model for millions of young girls particularly those of colour who often rarely played any sport let alone tennis which for a long time was treated as “posh” (It certainly was when I was growing up. It was football or rugby. Cricket was rare and for the summer.). [Read more…]