Nurses who Vaccinate – A Response about Homefirst and Mayer Eisenstein

Has anyone here heard of the apparent lack of autism in unvaccinated groups? Having a discussion on my wall now about several groups of unvacinnated kids (home-schooled children in the Chicago area and the Amish) where there are apparently ZERO cases of autism.

I’m trying to find more about this. There are several legitimate news sources who have reported the phenomenon.

This one’s from Nurses who Vaccinate

And that’s fine, what I am responding to is this part of the question

Thank you. That covers the Amish. 

Are you aware of the “Homefirst” kids in the Chicago area?

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Not the Ducks! – Quacks, Wikipedia and True Scientific Discourse

You won’t believe how handy Wikipedia is to a medic in training, sometimes you just need to look something up. A condition, a drug or a procedure, and you don’t have a book to hand. And often you may not know which book the procedure is detailed, so what do you do?


See while Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia, it’s science sections are at least rigorously maintained. So if you need the basics you can just look it up. It’s good enough for a basic answer, if you need more details? Well, then you bust out your text books. [Read more…]

Brian Chambers – Let’s Prey on Cancer Patients

Much as I find praying for the victims of cancer a bit of a pointless if harmless exercise, I find this alternative worse. Brian Chambers is either a deluded fool or a man who is harming people who are desperate.

He’s the pusher of a video that claims to have a way to cure cancer based on biblical principles. And he has a video out whose transcript is a rather illuminating experience. [Read more…]

Not the Ducks! – The Feminist Breeder Proves My Natural Birth Point

Yesterday I wrote about Natural Birth, it’s a contentious issue with regards to body autonomy. A lot of women defend the practice as “It’s not dangerous” as the stats in home birth are skewed by Home Birth advocates and in the name of patient choice, an inferior system of care is touted and pushed as superior.

I wrote about the complete unreliability of the Midwives who promote this and the testimony of women who support it (It is mainly women since the entire practice wreaths itself in the trappings and language of feminism). [Read more…]

The Unkindest Cut – The Cost of Circumcision

Circumcision is a contentious subject. While many  people believe it’s a harmless practice and produces an aesthetically  pleasing penis with a myriad of (dubious) health benefits, many consider the non-prescriptive usage of the procedure to effectively be pointless mutilation of a child due to cultural reasons.

Let’s get this straight. This is not Female Genital Mutilation, the effect of circumcision on men and women is entirely different and cannot be compared. In fact there are a fair few men who have to have circumcisions at some point in their life for therapeutic purposes but such a procedure is done under a licensed setting by a licensed individual trained to perform this procedure.

Out of 500 circumcisions, 1 ends in complications and the complications are generally severe. Circumcision is not a cosmetic procedure and should not be treated as such.  [Read more…]

Not the Ducks! – Religion, Quacks and Children

Whenever I debate and talk to quacks or the supporters of quacks it is often under the guise of something called “Health Freedom”. That the patient has a right to choose between equal therapies.

Now the problem is this.

Medicine is not like Plumbing or the wiring of your Home. Those are fields I have no idea about and will defer to the expert. However I understand that water goes through pipes and electricity to cables and that electricity is dangerous and needs safety features.

Medicine may as well be witch craft. The knowledge, education and things done have little to no stepping stone of progress to the average person because it’s such a specialised field. [Read more…]