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Jan 13 2014

Big Red Rape – Steubenville’s Aftermath and the “Free Ride” for Sports

A scholarship to play sport? That’s amazing sign me up! In the UK we have a system of youth sports teams that have under 15s under 16s and under 18s. These teams are free to try out for but these are “professional” teams. They are the feeders for our professional football clubs. Many of these …

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Oct 16 2013

How to Cripple Healthcare

This isn’t up for debate really. A socialised medical system is pound for pound the most cost effective method of guaranteeing the health of a population.due to a large emphasis on preventative medicine, subsidised costs, economies of scale and the like. Now people look at the NHS bloat and don’t realise that the bloat is …

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Oct 07 2013

Low Blow

We often talk about underhanded tactics in politics and let us get this straight. Neither side in the USA is bereft of such tactics. For every vitriolic rant about Hilary Clinton being some testicle shrivelling bitch who eats the souls of men there are equally sexist and indeed vile depictions of conservative women. Who’s Naylin …

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Jul 01 2013

Gaming the System

An excellent rant about benefit “fluffing”. In an ideal world we would need no benefits. There would be no reason to have it, but sadly we don’t.

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May 04 2013

Reasonable Holocaust

“You know the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral relativism. And moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the Holocaust.” – Faux News

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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Mayhem Blogathon – There Are Four Lights

Why We Caught Bin Laden! 

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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Mayhem – Prison Architect IRL

For those who are not aware of Introversion Software’s rather cutesy but serious game, it puts you in charge of a Prison. While you control the way it works you don’t control the staff and running the prison is down to how skilled you are at balancing the books. One of the most contentious parts …

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Apr 13 2013

Un License to Il

There are 3 end-game scenarios in the North Korean conflict that’s been raging for nearly 60 years now. Threats of war are not new, what’s new is the increase in deadliness, the intensity and persistence of these threats. Kim Jong Un means business and that business is “Danegeld”. He relies on threatening to self destruct …

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Mar 26 2013


Not sure what to think but The report showed that security officials and intelligence agencies believe that a priority for Britain is improving its ability to detect biological attacks, treat victims and decontaminate attack sites. “Biological will get easier from a terrorist point of view,” Mr Farr said. The Telegraph have an article on the …

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Feb 06 2013

An Equal Music

It is Official… The United Kingdom has passed the bill legalising “gay marriage” by a vote of 400 to 175. It is widely expected to pass at the House of Lords. I am rarely proud of the idiots who I voted into power (Lib Dems) but this is a good step forward.

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