PETA is Inhumane

I have been accused of a lot of things in the past by animal liberation. It’s usually about me hating on animals.

I do have a dog, his name is Tigger (because when he gets excited he bounces on his hind legs). And I love animals and despite being the abject carnivore that I am do feel we need to improve how we treat them and treat them humanely even when taking them for slaughter (it’s also why I am against Kosher and Halal slaughter if they don’t use a captive bolt gun…)

But when I mocked Camille Marino and her ongoing quest to harass and terrify biology and medical students and the staff of the University of Florida I delved into a world that was genuinely terrifying. It’s why I write under a pseudonym and it’s why I recognise that people like Stephanie, Ophelia, Jennifer, PZ Myers, Natalie and others have taken a massive risk using their real names. That my stance on pseudonyms was well founded due to the harassment they face on a regular basis…

And I received a lot of mail back then about how I was evil. I was threatened with everything from economic sanctions to torture and death. I felt justified by using the pseudonym to keep me and the people I worked with safe.

I also received a lot of mail about how I was fighting for people who often were fighting for animal welfare and better treatment of animals in labs. One of my longest readers is from those arguments.

If you haven’t read it elsewhere then read it from here. PETA are often accused of killing the vast majority of animals they “rescue”, a reader sent me this link.

It speaks for itself doesn’t it? That for all the whinging about medical research PETA are destroying animals for no reason while portraying themselves as humane alternative.