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Dec 08 2013

Update – Robbed

My place got robbed last week and I actually have been debating on whether to tell people or not about it. Partly because there exists a vocal amount of atheists who don’t really care all that much for FTB and who would utilise any opportunity to bash anyone who happens to be part of it …

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Nov 25 2013

Progress Report

Sustainable progress is the name of the game. When I first started out in India one of my projects was a tiny fishing village. Owing to sustained and interactive charity development we not only created economic growth, a lower environmental impact and progress through education but also improved their overall health.

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Oct 21 2013


I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that’s real – NIN

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Oct 13 2013

Not Feeling Too Great

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Oct 12 2013

Hera’s Ordeal

So the reason I haven’t been posting much is because, well, I nearly died.

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Sep 01 2013

A Voice for Me – Big Mistake

Whaddaya know, a second FTB blogger is currently being accused of sexual assault. He, too has a handy-dandy excuse. As feminists, we must believe accusers. Surely, something must be behind this. But in any case, we shouldn’t make too much of his excuse. Let’s remember this quote from an eminent feminist:

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Aug 08 2013

About Tiga


Tiga’s not well.. More specifically? She had a hernia that needed correcting. It was pretty bad. A hernia is basically when an organ passes through a gap or a hole meant for something else. The most common hernia we know is the inguinal hernia. Or the “why does my groin bulge now?”. Mainly affects men …

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Aug 04 2013

Post-Birthday Blues

It was a lot less rock and roll than I expected but it was nice. I went out with people and gorged myself stupid. Spoke to family and friends back home, but it has left me feeling lonely and it was with this I am making my final decision. I intend to leave India. Not …

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Jun 19 2013


Well that was classy… I got robbed today, I left my “stuff” in the changing room for the Obs/Gynae OT (Operating Theatre) and went off into a world of hysterectomies (for a fibroid uterus) and a bunch of deliveries. And in that time someone helped themselves to the contents of my wallet.

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Jun 16 2013

Tales of a Tiga Suku – BCOS? PCOS!

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