So I am overweight, and part of my plan for the next 3 to 4 months is to correct that.

You see, I know being overweight is bad for my health, I also know that Pepsi is delicious as is high calorie food. And let’s just say I have not been watching my weight.

See when I have exams I tend not to care what I eat. I eat junk basically. I pack on the pounds and kollect the kilograms. I have gained too much weight, a full 10 Kg in fact. I need to lose it for two reasons

1. It’s healthy. No this is not up for debate, it is straight up clear that I am overweight bordering on obese now and obesity is a health issue.

2. It saves on clothes since my trousers are a bit too tight and my shirts a bit too full.

So my plan? Eat sensibly, keep hydrated and do some jogging and some weights and various exercises. Increase protein, decrease carbs and fats and eat more soups and other liquid low calorie foods and switch my weekly “poison” of a Subway Sandwich to a salad.

If only I had Diet Coke but alas it is rare in India. It is simply unavailable, I do have a sweet tooth and I do like sugary drinks. Diet coke is a good treat particularly in such warm climates.

So currently at 95 Kg, I would like to hit 80 Kg. Let us see how this goes. I got till mid July to see what I can do about this.

Sorry You Got Hacked, But You Did Ask For It

A lot of people are aware that we got hacked.on Saturday and there are a lot of ideas flip flopping about on who is responsible for this and why.

My blog is one of the smaller blogs here, so being hit by an outage actually affects me in different ways. I don’t actually get paid for my work, the blog is my only source of income. It’s however used for

1. Plane Tickets home

2. Luxuries

3. Stuff like clothes

Now to most people this boils down to “Luxuries” but to me it’s important to have these things. I don’t have luxuries in my life. You are already home, you live in places comfortable to you and have social lives. [Read more…]

I Get Mail – How Can You Work With Alex Gabriel

I see you are against the segregation of genders in Islam, my question is this?

How do you manage to work with someone whose viewpoints are  different from yours such as Alex Gabriel? How can you accept someone who stands for the segregation of Muslims when you do not? Are your principles that cheap that you would stay on FTB for the money?

I am against the gender segregation of Muslims on public property. If an event or the equipment or location for an event is paid for by the tax payer and if the over-arching organisation has a duty to promote an equal dialogue then segregation is not helpful or useful. [Read more…]

So what did I do for Christmas and Boxing Day?


Nothing. I didn’t do anything. I spent most of my morning running my usual clinic, had a long sleep then woke up and opened up once again. My Christmas treat to myself? Plum cake since it tastes like Christmas pudding without the brandy.

The way I see it is it’s two Christmases till I can celebrate Christmas properly again. Well one Christmas.

It’s Boxing Day.

My plans? Stay in and read and see cases if they come by. My exams are in January and this is the brass ring.fellas.

Hera is in Hong Kong for the holidays. She’s left me for that damn Mouse and his people trap.

Yes, Hera is in Disney Land Hong Kong.

I can suddenly see the appeal of this.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. This is another Christmas war that we lost. Stay tuned for 2014’s war on Christmas. Book Early Folks!

Update – Wounds

So the wounds are finally healing to a point where I can move my hand again.

I was on vancomycin and this meant I had to worry about renal failure because the pathogen that affected my hand was resistant to penicillin antibiotics. But it’s subsiding and it means I can write again.

Thanks to all those who sent good wishes and the like.

The dog’s also doing fine although he does require some more training to cut out some of the aggression he has picked up since getting hurt but I will do that when my hand’s fully healed.

So posts should resume forthwith.

Now I really wish i had a camera so I could terrorise you lot with pictures of open wounds…

Update – Robbed

My place got robbed last week and I actually have been debating on whether to tell people or not about it.

Partly because there exists a vocal amount of atheists who don’t really care all that much for FTB and who would utilise any opportunity to bash anyone who happens to be part of it irrespective of the issue. It’s made it a problem.

It’s impossible to be anonymous and tell people what I do because the anonymity makes the claim “fake”. It’s impossible to not be anonymous because then the insults get personal.

But I got robbed last week.

The cost?

Well the bars that keep the house safe got levered out so I have to put new ones in. They broke the lock on my fridge but the main reason for the lock is to keep Tigger out since he likes “opening things” and the fridge is associated with food. And there are the vaccines.

But all of these are insured and are being replaced.

What the major cost of this were the injuries. One of the men attacked me and  Tigger (my dog) because the dog attacked him. We managed to subdue him but we got lucky. Both of us have had stitches and I had to be treated for a cracked carpal bone. Mine’s a very shallow wound (the stitches are to help with stopping scarring more than anything) but Tiggers has required proper vet care.

So utilising expertise from a reader and a paid vet in the USA (seriously? $35 for an E-consult? I am in the wrong bloody business!) I treated him. He’s back on his feet and has turned into a right bully because apparently injured dogs are more violent to assert their dominance. So he’s back in his pen feeling sorry that he cannot play with anyone since his idea of play is fighting other dogs at the moment…

So while he is learning the zen of entertaining himself in time out land, I am learning the art of shorter blog posts. Yesterday’s “big” post took a whole day to write rather than the 20 to 30 minutes to an hour I normally spend on each  post.

All my travel funds are on target thanks to the blog’s income (it all adds up when you don’t spend any of it). I also have enough left over for a nice camera for next year and a little set aside for dates with Tiga even with the cost of the vet consult.  So don’t worry about the cash. All the vaccines are pretty useless to whoever nicked them and have zero resale value. They are being replaced by insurance as are the windows and the bars. I also have people helping out and have taken the time to study for my qualification exams because “when life gives you a stabbed hand, you go study”.

Thanks for all the support throughout the year!

I will keep blogging during exams but it won’t be to the level that I normally do and to the length I normally do. Keep reading!

Progress Report

Sustainable progress is the name of the game.

When I first started out in India one of my projects was a tiny fishing village. Owing to sustained and interactive charity development we not only created economic growth, a lower environmental impact and progress through education but also improved their overall health. [Read more…]

Not Feeling Too Great

[important]Acceptance for who you are is extremely important and as many people don’t know Hera (My Girlfriend) had an abdominal hernia surgery and a stomach band put in. This wasn’t exactly done according to what she wanted. Despite objections I had I felt her family was way too “keen” about it. She did want the band and for the past 6 weeks was incredibly happy with it until the sepsis. I understand the fear of obesity and it’s effects on the human body. Let us get this straight, neither me or Hera think obesity is healthy. And both of us struggle to keep our weight down. I unfortunately came from a youth filled with rugby and the associated appetite that I don’t get to burn off and so am overweight. But Hera’s problem was exacerbated by PCOS and so a band was recommended. It’s just that normally you go through a lot of prep but that did not occur in her case due to her family hurrying things along. Honestly? It left a bad taste in my mouth. And for this? Hera wishes to speak on what happened and what it’s like to be denigrated for something you have trouble with. We both still want to keep our weight under control and in my case lose some more but her scars are real. She fears that the scars left make her unattractive. I frankly am covered in scars and frankly if I look good with mine then so does she. I don’t agree with the way she was treated and I didn’t realise how much she kept from me to make sure I was liked by her family. But this is painful to read.[/important] [Read more…]