A Correction – Pakistan/India

A correction, I reported incorrectly that 8 soldiers were dead, the news is that 2 soldiers are dead.

However while the deaths has reduced the story is even more moronic and insane than I previously thought.

You know how we say that WW1 was caused by the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Well this was caused by an old woman illegally relocating her house. You see the Indian Border was a slap dash arrangement created by warfare with Pakistan and indeed an unwillingness to pursue a unified India in the face of “Hindu-Muslim Super Riots” (An estimated 1 million people died due to riots across India and roughly 6 million were displaced by border reshuffling making it the biggest refugee situation and riot simultaneously).

So basically this old lady’s kids moved village earlier, then India built a surveillance system post Kargil to stop Pakistan from doing the same thing that they did the last time (AKA sneak infantry in to run a guerilla warfare campaign). The system caught her movements but the Indian army didn’t really do anything to stop her. She already moved into Pakistan.

So India built a surveillance post near the village but rather than face to Pakistan it faced towards the village itself. To stop “Indians from going over to the Pakistani side”. The issue for the villagers being that this border NEVER existed before. It’s like someone drawing a line around New York tomorrow and started shooting people from New Jersey if they crossed it. These people don’t know why the line exists and what it means to the two countries involved.

But this observation post is illegal, neither side can build such posts. So Pakistan began shooting across the border. This created a deadly game of “armouring up the post to survive such attacks” and counter fire which finally has led to this, a raid across into India with 2 dead soldiers with one being mutilated.

The hawks are sharpening their claws and their dogs are hungry for blood. I hope India and Pakistan can stop this vicious cycle of stupidity, because no one wants two nuclear powers to go to war especially over some granny wanting to be with her kids. Especially when one of them is the already unstable Pakistan.

Dick Move Pakistan… Dick Move…

Yesterday marked a sad day in the India-Pakistan relationship.

Pakistani soldiers crossed the border and staged an ambush on Indian troops killing 8. It is believed that it was a revenge attack for an exchange of fire that killed 1 person last week. Similarities to the Kargil War abound and India is for want of a better word “Pissed the Fuck Off”

It is reported that Pakistani troops either executed one soldier by beheading him or mutilated his body afterwards.

Dick Move Pakistan. Dick Move…