Not the Ducks! – Christians Against Gardasil

When the mom of a 15-year-old Indiana teen saw the Merck “One Less” campaign, she made sure her daughter Maddie got vaccinated with Gardasil.

After the first dose, Maddie started having pain and fatigue.

After the second one, she was in such bad shape she couldn’t even go to school.

Her mom now says that she wishes she could have “a do-over,” in deciding to have Maddie get the shot.

This is a common trope among the anti-vax. This entire piece are from a group of Christian Quacks. The claim they used to be famous for is that Biblical Lifestyle fights cancer. That rogue cancer cells would simply up and vanish if you waggled the divine knowledge of the Bible at them. Which is mighty polite.

In reality? A lot of people have died by following this piece of religious quackery. [Read more...]

Not the Ducks! – Drug Layering

The dialogue of the quack brigade is filled with the notion that there is a vast conspiracy to get you to spend enormous amounts of money on medication and that instead you should be spending it on whatever specific pseudo-science the quack wishes to flog.

And while they may all compete, they tend to unite specifically to bash medicine and universally their claims are couched in pseudo-science and conspiracy. [Read more...]

Not the Ducks! – Sugar Rush

This one’s from the ever handy quack brigade that is Dr. Brownstein’s fans.

As ever? If you are diabetic then follow your medical dosage and check ups regularly. Not anything people like this say. Dr. Brownstein’s advice is deadly and wrong.

If there are American Colleges giving Brownstein accreditation and awards (his Websites claim he has) then sort yourselves out! This is an embarassment. This is a shocking lack of understanding of the topic that foreign doctors who often train with far less equipment are capable of understanding. This man is not even up to scratch at the level of Step 1 USMLE let alone the finished product and has no rational reason to be practising. [Read more...]

Not the Ducks! – Quacks, Wikipedia and True Scientific Discourse

You won’t believe how handy Wikipedia is to a medic in training, sometimes you just need to look something up. A condition, a drug or a procedure, and you don’t have a book to hand. And often you may not know which book the procedure is detailed, so what do you do?


See while Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia, it’s science sections are at least rigorously maintained. So if you need the basics you can just look it up. It’s good enough for a basic answer, if you need more details? Well, then you bust out your text books. [Read more...]

Who needs Mammogram when You Can Pray

The last advice from Mark Stengler was bad but this one’s bad.

At Stage I and II we have a 95% survival rate for Breast Cancer. At Stage III it drops and obviously at Stage IV it’s low survival due to metastasis.

But with our actual scanning techniques we have detected cancers earlier and earlier. This is from a newsletter Mark Stengler (naturopath and religious quack) has been pushing. [Read more...]

Not the Ducks! – The Feminist Breeder Proves My Natural Birth Point

Yesterday I wrote about Natural Birth, it’s a contentious issue with regards to body autonomy. A lot of women defend the practice as “It’s not dangerous” as the stats in home birth are skewed by Home Birth advocates and in the name of patient choice, an inferior system of care is touted and pushed as superior.

I wrote about the complete unreliability of the Midwives who promote this and the testimony of women who support it (It is mainly women since the entire practice wreaths itself in the trappings and language of feminism). [Read more...]

Not the Ducks – A Perfectly Natural Home Birth

There are problems with “liberals” we have our own set of issues with skepticism. So while I am more likely to argue about Evolution with a conservative, I am more likely to argue about quackery and anti-GMO stuff with liberals.

And none are as emblematic of this issue as the Huffington Post who have a piece up by Ruth Fowler Iorio entitled New Mom’s Uncensored Photos Reveal The Beautiful, Messy Reality Of Home Birth.

It’s got photos of her birth and her tweets. So you have been warned. [Read more...]

Not the Ducks – How To Make A Homosexual

Long time anti-vax quack Erwin Alber’s got the answer to the age old question.

In what wardrobe have all these homosexuals being hiding in. Was there really some sort of “Gay Narnia”, a natural habitat for homosexuals so deep within the closet that they never were noticed? Or did something in our modern day lives create them? Or indeed should we subscribe to the “crazy” theory that homosexuality is part and parcel of normal existence and that we should ignore any such attempts to make a big fuss about them and leave them to get on with their peaceful lives as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

But my crazy theory that the GLBT are simply normal human beings who like something I don’t consider attractive. I see it as no more different than people who are enthralled by dub-step or indeed how others probably see my love for Marmite and Irn-Bru.

But for many people the existence of homosexuals is a “problem”. The simple existence of one drives some people to apoplectic rage or to turn from nice and well mannered people (or people who appeared to be nice and well mannered) to bigots.

But fear not. Erwin Alber’s on the case! [Read more...]

Not the Ducks! – Religion, Quacks and Children

Whenever I debate and talk to quacks or the supporters of quacks it is often under the guise of something called “Health Freedom”. That the patient has a right to choose between equal therapies.

Now the problem is this.

Medicine is not like Plumbing or the wiring of your Home. Those are fields I have no idea about and will defer to the expert. However I understand that water goes through pipes and electricity to cables and that electricity is dangerous and needs safety features.

Medicine may as well be witch craft. The knowledge, education and things done have little to no stepping stone of progress to the average person because it’s such a specialised field. [Read more...]