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Oct 12 2013

Not the Ducks – A Dissection of Quackery

Lynne McTaggart’s making some  waves out there in the anti-Medicine movement. For those who are unaware, Lynne leveraged her wide variety of skills into becoming one of the anti-medical lobby’s spokesmen. She’s the author of What Doctors Don’t Tell You and also runs a site. Needless to say? She’s a pretty big deal among the …

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Oct 02 2013

Not the Ducks! – I Cannot Think of a Joke

Normally I have a decent grasp on headline titles but this post simply is not the place to make my usual references or jokes.

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Aug 31 2013

Not the Ducks – Murder, Robbery and Jaywalking?

Alan Keyes is a lot of things. Republican Right Winger and all around oblivious to a lot of things. If you can accept big superstitions such as religion and extreme economics then it’s easy to accept the little ones. Alan Keyes is anti-vax. Not even the mild “anti” but the full on conspiracy nut.

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Aug 26 2013

Not the Ducks – Measles Doesn’t Believe in Your God

It’s rather weird to think of the Measles as a deadly killer. In fact the problem is it’s not. The chance of you dying from a Measles infection is very very low. But the fact of the matter is simple. Measles was once one of the biggest killers on the planet. More feared than Polio …

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Aug 13 2013

Not the Ducks – Bad Choices

This one comes from the Concord Monitor and is by a worker at a Chiropractic Clinic called Stephanie Mills.

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Aug 09 2013

Not the Ducks! – Rosemary Goring Forgets Science

It is nice to be proud of the achievements of people who are the same as you. If an atheists wins something we are happy. If an Indian wins something we are happy. If a Brit wins something we are happy. But WINNING something isn’t the same as supporting something solely because it is local.

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Jul 01 2013

Not the Ducks! – Abortion and State Mandated Quackery

Miri from Brute Reason has asked me to snork her work. It’s a post calling for a veto of a proposed abortion bill in Ohio. And I figured I could expand on what she wrote and write something educational… and then snork it.

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May 04 2013

Not the Ducks – You don’t Need Glasses

One of the strangest types of quackery I have been subject to are the rants from people about the deadly “Big Ophthalmology” and how it ruins your eyes. 

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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Mayhem Blogathon – Not the Ducks – You Can’t Prove It

This one’s from Jake Fern, an anti-vax advocate.

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Apr 19 2013

Not the Ducks! – Pam Stenzel

Katelyn Campbell was the vice president of the Student Body at George Washington High School. Pam Stenzel is a Christian agony aunt type lady who gives out really bad sexual health advice and is an advocate of “Abstinence only Education” which to me is like “Endeavour to not Got Sick” as a method of disease …

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