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Jul 12 2014

*Headesk* – Bad Anonymous

No. Bad! You don’t post this to me after I speak about a family member getting treated for cancer. [What ensues is a medical related rant from Facebook, I figured that it invoked enough about medicine to be useful. Also? What the hell Anonymous? Thought you liked sticking up for people against bullshit merchants]

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Jun 29 2014

Baa!!! – An Idiot’s Guide to Herd Immunity

One of the things I realise is that the anti-vaccination lobby often utilise fairly unorthodox methodology to spread their ideas. See? Science writing generally tends to stick to fairly well trodden paths. Even pop sci. Popular Science is science written to simplicity and provided with glossy photos and cool diagrams. But the thing with Pop …

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Jun 09 2014

Vickie Sorensen – Natural Birth, Home Birth Midwifery and Deadly Consequences

Vickie Sorensen is one of the least talked about and deadliest breed of quacks out there. Home Births are a hidden form of quackery. Wreathed in the language of female empowerment, bad statistics and anti-medical quackery home births have a rather deadly toll that is often not widely advertised and not often fought. My “personal” anti-Obstetric …

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Jun 04 2014

Not the Ducks!/I Get Mail – No Doctor

It has been a long day, so I figured you guys could do with some laughs.

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Jun 01 2014

Not the Ducks! – AVN and Meryl Dorey Defend Child Abuse

There is a common anti-vax trope defending child abuse. Shaken Baby Syndrome is commonly attributed to vaccine damage and originally it was an attempt to defend a child abuser. 

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May 31 2014

Not the Ducks! – The Financial Post Hosts Anti-Vaccination

Measles is a killer. Measles once killed millions per year. The lethality of the disease wasn’t high but it was so universally prevalent that it didn’t need a high lethality rate. In the developed world the death rate dropped due to improvements in food and medicine. But the Financial Post and Lawrence Solomon add doubt …

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May 25 2014

Not the Ducks! – PETA Flops on to the Autism Quackery Bandwagon

In a miraculous show of scientific rigour and common sense, PETA has begun to advocate for autism. Except in typical PETA fashion, they have let a complete quack write a highly insulting and inaccurate take on autism.

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May 20 2014

Not the Ducks! – Christians Against Gardasil

When the mom of a 15-year-old Indiana teen saw the Merck “One Less” campaign, she made sure her daughter Maddie got vaccinated with Gardasil. After the first dose, Maddie started having pain and fatigue. After the second one, she was in such bad shape she couldn’t even go to school. Her mom now says that …

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May 19 2014

Not the Ducks! – Drug Layering

The dialogue of the quack brigade is filled with the notion that there is a vast conspiracy to get you to spend enormous amounts of money on medication and that instead you should be spending it on whatever specific pseudo-science the quack wishes to flog. And while they may all compete, they tend to unite …

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May 06 2014

Not the Ducks! – Sugar Rush

This one’s from the ever handy quack brigade that is Dr. Brownstein’s fans. As ever? If you are diabetic then follow your medical dosage and check ups regularly. Not anything people like this say. Dr. Brownstein’s advice is deadly and wrong. If there are American Colleges giving Brownstein accreditation and awards (his Websites claim he …

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