Not the Ducks! – Oculus Reparo

I once asked readers what the most common genetic disorder is. A few got it right (Myopia) but you wouldn’t think there was any sort of quackery associated with glasses would you? After all glasses work. You would be wrong.

A new study states that injuries related to wearing glasses could have sent as many as 27,000 people to emergency rooms in 2002 and 2003. Over1,000 of these cases required further hospital treatment.

How much money do you want to bet that wearing glasses had nothing to do with these injuries but merely compounded them.

Falls, Sports Injuries, Eyeball Injuries The types of injury varied by age. Those over 65 were more likely to be injured by their glasses in a fall, while children 17 and younger were more likely to have sports-related eyeglass injuries. Injuries to the eyeball were most common in people aged 18 to 64.

Er… this isn’t the fall of the glasses. This is the fault of falls and indeed getting hit in the face with something fast moving and hard. Did you know that if you get into a fight you too could get hurt by wearing glasses?

It’s not a disguise! It’s health and safety!

A Leading Cause of Blindness 96 million people in the United States wear prescription glasses. Eye injuries are one of the leading causes of blindness.

I like how Mercola implies but doesn’t explicitly state that the glasses are responsible for blindness. Close to 300 million people in the USA wear underwear, genital injuries are a major cause of sterility. SAY NO MORE! *Wink “Wink* You know as opposed to not wearing glasses. So I actually got his link to his giant article… And man it’s a beast. It’s a gish gallop and a half. And it’s batshit insane and the worst bit is I wasn’t linked this by people going “Look at this Silly Billy”. I got it while looking through medical advice sites. People have purchased this from Mercola. So without further adieu? Let’s look into the sordid and profitable world of ophthalmology… We will be following a different format because I am sure you don’t want to trawl through Mercola’s Solid Wall of Text and then My own Solid Wall of Text so I will just break down his topics directly. If you are a masochist you can go read both of our works side by side but then I would have to salute you while saying “Godspeed You Fancy Bastard!”. If you do wish to witness the true wankery of Mercola (who shills harder than Mike Adams) then read them side by side though. My rants may have little context. [Read more…]

Not the Ducks! – and Cancer Quackery

There exists a massive problem in India and that is the notion of western medicine.

There is medicine and there is quackery. Vaccination is an eastern form of medicine but it is still used because it works. Medicine is EVERYTHING that works and is proven to work scientifically. Everything that doesn’t work is quackery.

Flogging “Eastern” Medicine is just a method of denigrating real medicine by equating “Eastern” medicine as an opposite equal.

And it kills. It’s simple.

Read this. This is not on a small website. This is a major website and it’s flogging some really dangerous things. [Read more…]

Not the Ducks! – ENT Ain’t Nothing to Fuck With

So why does quackery get a free ride?

Well IMHO the major problem is that especially in the USA, drug companies are allowed to flog non-OTC (over the counter) medications to customers. Quackery is basically doing the same thing.

Now there are two ways to classify quack medicine.

1. It doesn’t work and either does nothing or makes things worse. Homeopathy and things like Lupron would be in this category.

2. It works but not for the reasons given with wild embellishments of efficacy.

The common component of these things is the often wild embellishments of efficacy. Who’s going to check? These aren’t doctors. There is no veracity behind the claims. Let’s take this article from Columbia. [Read more…]